Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eating Out

We had a great dinner last night and boy am i stuffed. I always am i must confess, hahaha! I love dining out. Come to think of it i think i like eating out more than shopping. I don't fancy clothes, shoes and bags so much like other women, i am more on activities, experiences and fun bonding time while eating out. So i think that makes me an eater than a shopper .. hahaha!

I love looking at menus and how they make the food more appetizing and the descriptions of every dish is something i like reading makes me imagine the taste and the appearance of the food even before i see it. Maybe thats whi i took Hotel and Restaurant Management as my chosen field in school. I study even the bill to make sure we are not charged more that we ordered and the receipts printed from tm-t88iv mactm-t88ivmachines i like to look and study, i sometimes write on them and keep them as souveniers, but the print comes off over time since it is thermal and what is left is my ballpen scribbles on that day, good enough for me.

I wonder where we will eat tonight since we are leaving ina while to meet up with Christian after office.

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