Friday, May 28, 2010

Cavity Free

Happy and proud to announce that the three kids are cavity free as per visit to the dentist today. They all had the semi annual oral prophylaxis and was waiting outside the clinic reading medical magazines that had materials on various diet pills, colon cleansing reviews and even muscle enhancers that kept me occupied while the three kids were on the chair. When the dentis came out he congratulated me for having good sets of teeth, i told him i am just an instrument as the kids are really diligent in brushing their teeth. But deep inside i am really happy that the kids have not yet experienced toothache and hope that they never will. I have had some bad memories of night of toothache pain when i was younger, so i really made it a point to tell them the importance of having healthy teeth and gums.

We are given slips of paper that said we are to be back after six months .. yey!

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