Monday, May 31, 2010

Apple Of Our Eye

No denying it ... our little Choconut is truly the apple of our eye .. not just my eye, but the kids as well! I am glad we got her this summer just when the kids had all the time to get to know her and likewise Choconut know them more. Now whenever we leave the house you can hear Choconut barking while we close the door and see her super excited when she hears the front door open. The kids and Chokie are inseperable!


These are our doggies ... my mama's dog, Panda, a shitzu. My sister's dog, Candace, a chihuahua. Our little baby, Choconut, our mini dachshund. We were all out last Saturday for our official walking dog day. The kids had fun waveboarding while walking all the dogs and being with the entire family. My sister and i had a chance to talk about Lipovox that she is about to try to help her lose weight. I always tell her it is never too late to improve on oneself. I too on the other hand have to focus on working on my stomach area who is starting to make its presence felt .. tee hee!

Maybe a few more walking the dogs sessions will help me lose my problem area. I have to be optimistic here!

Early Rain

It has been very hot these past few weeks, then suddenly rain started to appear. The news reports taht rainmy season is coming early and to brace ourselves this time for storms and flash floods. I wonder what has happened to our weather, it has been very erratic, nature must be having a fit. I started to give the kids more vitamins to make sure they can handle the weather change. It pays to be protected, it so hard if the kids get sick. I was at the mall yesterday and bought some raincoats for them too since our school is walking distance from our house so i can let them wear coats and umbrella for their added protection from the rain. Got Bea a violet one, a blue one for Sam and a Power Ranger design for Vin. I forgot to get one for me .. hahaha!

Friday, May 28, 2010

School Time

In two weeks, school starts!

Kids are excited, and so am i! Am I? Lol!

Okay, i am!

All three of them did very good last school year so here we are again embarking on another year. Bea will be in grade six, her last year in gradeschool. Sam will be grade 4 while Vin starts at Preparatory.

Bought new shoes already.

Just need to make another quick trip to the socks department and we are ready to roll!

New beginnings!

Cavity Free

Happy and proud to announce that the three kids are cavity free as per visit to the dentist today. They all had the semi annual oral prophylaxis and was waiting outside the clinic reading medical magazines that had materials on various diet pills, colon cleansing reviews and even muscle enhancers that kept me occupied while the three kids were on the chair. When the dentis came out he congratulated me for having good sets of teeth, i told him i am just an instrument as the kids are really diligent in brushing their teeth. But deep inside i am really happy that the kids have not yet experienced toothache and hope that they never will. I have had some bad memories of night of toothache pain when i was younger, so i really made it a point to tell them the importance of having healthy teeth and gums.

We are given slips of paper that said we are to be back after six months .. yey!

Ouch .. Not.

Bea and Sam were getting the idea that Vin was just kidding that his legs were painful from all the walking around the mall and was wobbling like he really was experiencing joint pain so he could scoot with papa on the wheelchair. They said "Mama look at Vin's smile, does that look like his legs are hurting?" I just told them that maybe he just wants to know how it feels to be pushed by his sisters, he was just shy to admit it. Told the girls that as soon as Vin was comfortably seated we could duck and visit the bookstore while the little boy is busy. We all exchanged smiles as if we were on a big secret .. hehehe! Kids are easy to please, so easy to get the smiles that make my day complete.

Taking Turns

Was in the mall last weekend with Bea, Sam and Vin when we met up with my papa and mama who were shopping for some black bow ties that he will be using for a party. The kids were so excited seeing them that they rushed to them right away. They all wanted to help push my papa's wheelchair around the mall, since they all were eager to do it we had a schedule of whose turn its going to be. Five minutes per person was the time we agreed on, that way they won't get too tired and the next one won't have to wait so long.

In a little while Vin said his legs were painful (haha!) and that resulted to a ride on the wheelchair on papa's lap, clever little boy. Everyone had a fun time going around the mall with my parents and had a hearty snack every now and then.

Keeping Tabs

One of our goals this year it to save.

Yup, save.

I want to help out in any way i can, so without telling him i requested for cheap car insurance quotes from a reputable company. I will gather all the data and compare them, get the best deal and then let Christian know about it. I really want to help in any way i can. The internet really has so many things to offer me, i can help without even leaving the house. Everything is here for the taking.

So here i am researching and helping at the same time. Getting the cream of the crop from the good deals to finally save up for our future.

The goal is attainable if all will help out.


It's raining!


The breeze of cool air is very much welcome. No matter if our feet becomes muddy .. love the sound of rain. The kids were also excited.

Simple joys.

Audit Duties

Christian is out of the office today, he just texted me that he will be going to their off site branches to do some spot audit. He is targetting three branches in one week so he would be over with all the branches in just a short time. I can vouch for veracity of his report, he has always been keen on spotting the tiniest detail and that is one of the things one must look for in a good auditor. There are a lot of different kinds of auditing jobs, there is even energy auditing so i recently learned. It is a tough job if you ask me, not really into spotting differences and irregularities .. hehehe!

But for the record, Christian loves his job! A little trivia, he has been with his present company for thirteen years, i guess he really loves it to stay long with it.


My friend and i were chatting about their relocating because of the job she was offered. She will be relocating her entire family and choosing the best place really is very crucial as she has very young kids. Just talking to her reminded me of my quest to relocate as well. I know the right timing will come for the move, i will patiently wait for it ... in His time.

I am sure wherever we go in the future, we will be happy and content because i always believed that home is where the heart is.

There are far great things to come to those who patiently wait.


I just love my new Canon camera! I can't get over the great shots i get every time ... i super love close-ups! Of course the pictures are mostly of my kids, i am not too photogenic (tee hee!) so i just leave the posing to my willing subjects, my kids and Choconut (our active mini dachshund).

Here are the pictures of Bea that i took the last time we went to Rockwell ... both pictures did not use flash ... love natural light! I bought a pop up flashdiffuser last night to correct the glare of the flash, will still have to try it out to say if it was effective. Will update soon! Love taking pictures!

Snap, snap!

Father's Day

Father's day is coming really soon ... this is my papa ... the foundation of our family. He has always been selfless always giving more than he can actually give. He has never stifled our dreams and always believed we can do anything we hope for. I call him Father Goose (my mama is Mother Goose .. hehehe!) and he is loved by all of us up to his grandchildren who love hime dearly. I wonder what i will give him this year ... hmmm ... how about a Samsung HDTV? I am sure he would like that! Thinking .. thinking.

I love you Pa!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Three Months

Officially, Choconut is three months old!

She has a lot of tricks now and she really loves the kids the same way the kids adores her. Did i ever mention that they sleep together at night and when they are asleep i sneak in and take Choconut and put he rin her basket and she does not even wake up .. what a baby!

I am so happy that we took the chance and got a puppy, we are dog people after all!

Shower Gift

My friend will be having a bridal shower this weekend and i have been thinking on what to give her. I want to give her something useful she can use for a long time. Some of my friends are chipping in for a grand funny cake, but i opted to get her some plus size lingerie later when we head out to the mall. She is a little on the heavy side so i know she will be comfortable with my gift. The nearby mall does not carry big sizes so i have to really go to the other mall that caters to all body sizes. Maybe i can pick out a few things for me as well. Hmmm .. will see.

I will post pictures of the pieces that i will get soon!

Profile Picture

Christian after the prodding of Bea, Sam and Vin has succumbed to the Facebook mania. The kids has been asking their papa almost for a week now if he can set up an account so they can visit him at Pet Society and battle with him at Ninja Saga .. hahaha!

So to convince him we searched for his high school friends to see if there are some of his long lost friends available to breconnect with ... and lo and behold .... there were a lot! So i said i will be in charge of setting up his account, i will make his profile picture even remove acne scars so he will look good ... he laughed it off and said "okay, make me an account so the kids can visit me there" . So there!

Here is the profile picture i made for him .. with Paris Hilton no less ... hahaha!

He has not seen it yet though .... tonight i will open it for him... i wonder what he will say about it.

Simply Simple

I am off to have a facial later. Hopefully Christian comes early so the skin clinic can still accomodate me. It takes two hours for a facial and sometimes when Christian comes after his work to take over taking care of the kids there isn't anytime for me to get the full session. If i don't get it i will just have some acne treatments to somehow give my trip to the salon worth it. I am still optimistic though that he comes early and i can have my much needed facial ... my face is screaming for detioxifying .. and fast! My only vice (if you can call it that) aside frome ating out is having monthly facials and monthly treatments for my hair.

I am one simple girl ... hahaha!


The temperature is soaring and it has been never been this hot for some time. Even Choconut (our lillt doggie) craves for her bath becvause of the humid temperature. I noticed people are more short tempered and can really go into useless arguments over the most trivial things because of the hot feeling. I was in the mall last night in search for diet pills that work when i overheard some women starting a commotion over a jar of lotion. Whew.

The heat is really getting the best of us. Even queues at the counter usually sparks arguments, these are things that really should not be enough for us to create tiffs with each other, but because of the heat people are more prone to be impatient and hot headed. We all need to cool down ... soon!

Eating Out

We had a great dinner last night and boy am i stuffed. I always am i must confess, hahaha! I love dining out. Come to think of it i think i like eating out more than shopping. I don't fancy clothes, shoes and bags so much like other women, i am more on activities, experiences and fun bonding time while eating out. So i think that makes me an eater than a shopper .. hahaha!

I love looking at menus and how they make the food more appetizing and the descriptions of every dish is something i like reading makes me imagine the taste and the appearance of the food even before i see it. Maybe thats whi i took Hotel and Restaurant Management as my chosen field in school. I study even the bill to make sure we are not charged more that we ordered and the receipts printed from tm-t88iv mactm-t88ivmachines i like to look and study, i sometimes write on them and keep them as souveniers, but the print comes off over time since it is thermal and what is left is my ballpen scribbles on that day, good enough for me.

I wonder where we will eat tonight since we are leaving ina while to meet up with Christian after office.


I can't believe that i finally have tme to surf the net, have been so busy that i just go online to specific sites and not have time to go around and look at celebrity updates .. tee hee!

Now that i am offically done getting my life insurance quotes i am free to galavant .. hahaha!

My first stop is to get the latest tidbits on Eclipse, can't wait for June! I have been getting some taste of it with the onlibe trailers ... ooohhh!!!

I am giddy like a teenager .. hahaha! Wake up!

Okay, hope i get time to download some songs, it takes awhile for it to complete a song so i am kinda contemplating on it. Hmmmm.

Summer Party

Summer will soon be over ... noooo!!!Hahaha!Just over acting ... summer is still good for one more month!I am thinking of having one more summer party before it is over. My sisters are all for it and we are thinking of having the usual Luau party, why not a costume party but on the beach at nightime. I am thinking of going as a teacher (hahaha!) to jumpstart school ... have to get my tight pencil cut skirts out of the closet and use my reading glasses to complete my teacher-look. My brother wants to go as a horseman so i said he should go and look for breeches if he really wants to pull off the look. My kids are also excited and said they will dress up like their Anime characters from Naruto. Everyones excited to this one of a kind last summer hurrah party! Hope we get everybody's interest going!


My cousin and i were chatting a few nights ago on facebook and she has been telling me how good her insurance job is for her. She actually does not have a hard time selling and marketing them to potential clients, i asked her what makes it easy given that insurance products are available everywhere and there are a lot of choices. She said she has a proven strategy that really works for her and that is going into insurance advertising and she tells me selling insurance has never been better. I am so happy for her since she is a single mom and her job is the only thing she can rely on when the going gets tough.

I will support her in whatever she does, especially that i am the Godmother of her pretty daughter.

Long Way Ago

My papa is on his way to his recovery!


After a long time in the hospital last year i can now truly say he is ready to be back to his normal ways ... though he still on a wheelchair he can stand up and walk on his own. He started doing some work this month, he has gone back to acting, he has done a few shoots already and come out being applauded by the cast as soon the words "cut" is blurted out. "Good job!", the director said to his every scene. He has started to go on dubbing sessions as well.

There is also something big going on for him as he has also been appointed Commisioner of Unesco and will be having his oathtaking within the month. I remember late last year when we were all on alert and was looking at his pulse oximeter that was attached to him to monitor his pulse especially if he dozes off and it goes down. So relieved that those days are so long over ...

So happy that my papa is up and about and ready to take on the world again!