Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekend Sale

Was at the much awaited weekend sale at the mall this morning with the kids. We started early becaue the promo is if you are there on the first two hours of the first day of the sale you get an additional 10% off on all items on the already marked down price. So you can just imagins the hordes of people who will really try to avail this. My kids helped me get in queue and i can't help but be proud on how they are very well-behaved despie the rush around them.

The long lines were at the appliance, kitchen and furniture departments while clothing department was quite tolerable as compared the three previous ones who were mimicking a line of a blockbuster movie. There were also a lot of people buying a lot of things at the hardware and auto supplies section, maybe they have yet to hear about extended service plan offered that can really save you a lot. It really is important to invest in the right things so in the long run you reap the benefits.

The three kids was rewarded with a family sized pizza as soon as we finished the two hour sale deadline. Happy and content smiles were plastered on their faces after the meal and were all ready to shop again .. hahaha!

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