Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not Noticing

I have not noticed .. or am i just in denial .. hahaha!

I have gained weight!

Not that i am complaining, i think i actually need a few pounds here and there ... hahaha, but what is a little alarming is that i am not doing anything differently and yet still showing signs of weight gain. I noticed though that my stomach is no longer as lean as it used to ... blame it on my hours of sitting infront of the computer. But i know i burn a lot of the calories by doing work around the house, going up and down the stairs ... excuses, excuses. I may have started eating more than usual ... (guilt creeping in) since school is out and i have more time to sleep late and move a little slower than usual. I might have to look into weight loss supplements to make sure i am not caught by surprise and before everything is too late .. tee hee!

My metabolism is slowing down ... help!

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