Friday, April 16, 2010

Lie Down

These two words: Lie Down.

Yup, our two month old mini dachshund can follow this command with gusto. Choconut has been with us only for two weeks but already she responds to her name when called, follows us around the house when we walk, and knows when i am preparing her food and really hovers at the table where i let her dog pellets soak in water for thirty minutes before handing it to her. She is a very smart dog. She is very affectionate and loves the kids to bits. She has her own bed which is a basket placed two outdoor cushions that fit snugly in the middle, she loves lying down on it and when she hears "Choconut, lie down" she races to her basket and lays down. Success!

Will be teaching her "sit" and "stay" next. Still searching the internet for great tips on how to train puppies.

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