Saturday, April 24, 2010

Late Work Out

I often wonder what is the best time to work out?

Christian has been starting working out late at night just a few hours before bedtime and i ask him why he chooses to do so at night and not in the morning. His answer was simple and yes i think it made some sense ... he said he would be too tired in the morning if he sweat it out and still he has to go to the office and stay up the whole day as compared to the night time he relaxes after the workout, showers and goes to sleep.

What do you think?

I am thinking of getting on the treadmill a few minutes in the morning and a few more minutes in the evening instead of focusing everything at one time. Oh well, this is just me, and since i do not have a day job i have time to rest during the day unlike him who has to stay alert all day.

Anytime is fine i guess as long as you see the results and the workout does not take it's toll on your health.

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