Monday, April 12, 2010

First Shot

Did i mention that Choconut's veterinary clinic is located inside a mall? Yup, it is! I love it! Hahaha!

Sam and i brought choconut to check-up and the doctor said she is very healthy and a very good puppy. She was given an oral dose of deworming serum and an injection type to vaccine to combat hepatitis, distemper, leptospirosis, influenza, parovirus and even bronchitis. Just like a newborn infant ... it was like reliving our pediatrician visits with my kids.

After the doctor's visit, Sam and i ate at McDonalds and bought some take out food for Bea, Vin and Christian who were all at home. Suprisingly, the mall was not as crowded at the fastfood joints but were all in the activity area where i learned there was an ongoing job search fair for the newly garduated batch last March. There were a lot of hopefuls who i understand would get hired on the same day. I have had my share if job hunting when i was younger ... it was no picnic ... but it was challenging and i am always up to a challenge.

After eating, we headed home to the awaiting hungry kiddies and hubby ... hahaha!

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