Friday, April 30, 2010

Mcdo 2010

This year is the last year for Bea to join the Mcdonald's Kiddie Crew because she will be thirteen next year, the program is only up to age twelve. Bea relishes everyday she spends this year and she comes out of it everyday saying it was the best day always! I am so happy i took the time to let them experience a fun summer all these years.

Next year Sam will be joined by Vin while Bea will be doing something else while we wait for the new Mcdo pals next summer.

It is sad but i knw she really enjoyed it to bits!

She made new friends again!

Their wall clock project!

Happy summer Mcd smiles!

Skin Fix

One of the main things on our shopping list was to look for a good acne medicine for Bea since she is starting to develop some breakouts on her forehead, there were a lot of brands and i remember my friend mentioning pronexin as a good brand and was searching for it. I bought some mild skin cleansers too for her so she can start a good habit of keeping her face clean at all times. I noticed she started her breakouts when she always kept her hair down so i told her to always keep her hair up or use a hairband to keep the hair out of her face. I know this is the time that the teenage years are coming in and that breakouts are to be expected, but there is no harm in combating it as early as now, right?

Weekend Sale

Was at the much awaited weekend sale at the mall this morning with the kids. We started early becaue the promo is if you are there on the first two hours of the first day of the sale you get an additional 10% off on all items on the already marked down price. So you can just imagins the hordes of people who will really try to avail this. My kids helped me get in queue and i can't help but be proud on how they are very well-behaved despie the rush around them.

The long lines were at the appliance, kitchen and furniture departments while clothing department was quite tolerable as compared the three previous ones who were mimicking a line of a blockbuster movie. There were also a lot of people buying a lot of things at the hardware and auto supplies section, maybe they have yet to hear about extended service plan offered that can really save you a lot. It really is important to invest in the right things so in the long run you reap the benefits.

The three kids was rewarded with a family sized pizza as soon as we finished the two hour sale deadline. Happy and content smiles were plastered on their faces after the meal and were all ready to shop again .. hahaha!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Vin loves sleeping beside Choconut (our mini dachshund) or is the other way around? Hehehe!

As soon as the door is open, Choconut jumps on the bed and finds her way beside Vin and nuzzle there and sleep. Vin wakes up happily upon seeing our little nipper beside him.

So who do you think is benefitting from this scenario?

Late Work Out

I often wonder what is the best time to work out?

Christian has been starting working out late at night just a few hours before bedtime and i ask him why he chooses to do so at night and not in the morning. His answer was simple and yes i think it made some sense ... he said he would be too tired in the morning if he sweat it out and still he has to go to the office and stay up the whole day as compared to the night time he relaxes after the workout, showers and goes to sleep.

What do you think?

I am thinking of getting on the treadmill a few minutes in the morning and a few more minutes in the evening instead of focusing everything at one time. Oh well, this is just me, and since i do not have a day job i have time to rest during the day unlike him who has to stay alert all day.

Anytime is fine i guess as long as you see the results and the workout does not take it's toll on your health.

Not Noticing

I have not noticed .. or am i just in denial .. hahaha!

I have gained weight!

Not that i am complaining, i think i actually need a few pounds here and there ... hahaha, but what is a little alarming is that i am not doing anything differently and yet still showing signs of weight gain. I noticed though that my stomach is no longer as lean as it used to ... blame it on my hours of sitting infront of the computer. But i know i burn a lot of the calories by doing work around the house, going up and down the stairs ... excuses, excuses. I may have started eating more than usual ... (guilt creeping in) since school is out and i have more time to sleep late and move a little slower than usual. I might have to look into weight loss supplements to make sure i am not caught by surprise and before everything is too late .. tee hee!

My metabolism is slowing down ... help!

Beauty Loot

Just came from the mall this afternoon and got the latest in beauty fixes. I have not tried any of these products but the sales person says they are the latest in skin and hair care. I was initially on the lookout for an eye cream for dark circles that has been my latest dilemna. As i was looking at all products i came across these new products and after reading their literature and packaging description i bought them and will try them out.

I will update you if they are any good. Keeping my fingers crossed though. :)

Long Time No See

My friend from school invited us for her daughter's birthday party at their house yesterday. Her daughter's birthday falls on summer vacation ... no school. Her daughter has been asking her for her classmates since she is so used to having her classmates celebrate their birthday in school, so she decided to invite her daughter's classmates so she will still have the "school party" feeling.

So took the kids there and got together with our other school friends and we had a lot of catching up to do. The kids had a great time seeing each other again after a month of vacation and us mommies talked about just about anything under the sun, from high electric bills since the kids are home 24/7 to the best weight loss pills they have tried. I love vacation but i sure miss our daily chats!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pinoy Big Brother Clash 2010

It started this week, have not watched an entire episode, i don't know why but it has not sparked any interest from me to really sit down and watch it. This is really something different from the previous pbb shows that i really race home to watch and even look it up at Youtube if i miss an episode.

I guess things really change.

Lie Down

These two words: Lie Down.

Yup, our two month old mini dachshund can follow this command with gusto. Choconut has been with us only for two weeks but already she responds to her name when called, follows us around the house when we walk, and knows when i am preparing her food and really hovers at the table where i let her dog pellets soak in water for thirty minutes before handing it to her. She is a very smart dog. She is very affectionate and loves the kids to bits. She has her own bed which is a basket placed two outdoor cushions that fit snugly in the middle, she loves lying down on it and when she hears "Choconut, lie down" she races to her basket and lays down. Success!

Will be teaching her "sit" and "stay" next. Still searching the internet for great tips on how to train puppies.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Went to Fun Ranch last Sunday to join the Easter Egg Hunting and to claim the kids' rewards for their good grades. Click on the image above and present it to the customer service at Fun Ranch and you get in exchange ride coupons for free! Your child must not have any final grade lower than 88% in any of the subjects to avail of this rewards promotion. Just present the origibnal report card and you get 1 coupon for a bowling game, a mini golf game and 3 coupons for the teacup ride. All my kids were rewarded ! We have everything in threes! The coupons are valid till May 31!

Click away on the Rewards Voucher and have fun!

First Shot

Did i mention that Choconut's veterinary clinic is located inside a mall? Yup, it is! I love it! Hahaha!

Sam and i brought choconut to check-up and the doctor said she is very healthy and a very good puppy. She was given an oral dose of deworming serum and an injection type to vaccine to combat hepatitis, distemper, leptospirosis, influenza, parovirus and even bronchitis. Just like a newborn infant ... it was like reliving our pediatrician visits with my kids.

After the doctor's visit, Sam and i ate at McDonalds and bought some take out food for Bea, Vin and Christian who were all at home. Suprisingly, the mall was not as crowded at the fastfood joints but were all in the activity area where i learned there was an ongoing job search fair for the newly garduated batch last March. There were a lot of hopefuls who i understand would get hired on the same day. I have had my share if job hunting when i was younger ... it was no picnic ... but it was challenging and i am always up to a challenge.

After eating, we headed home to the awaiting hungry kiddies and hubby ... hahaha!

First Vet Visit

It took me a few days (a lot of calling on the telephone) and searching on the internet before i had the perfect veterinarian for our little choconut girl. Finally, i chose Animal House Veterinary because aside from it located near us they answered all my questions as patiently as they can and believe me i do aak a lot of questions, especially this being our first pet dog. Found the staff and vet very cordial and to think i just found them on the net!

I really love the power of the internet, how everyting is really at your fingerstips just by stroking a few keys, you get results! I am actually looking into cla weight loss reviews and getting all the information and feedback i need before taking anything. I heart the world wide web and the endless answers to all my queries!

Our Little Baby

Finally, we decided to have a puppy in the house.

Meet "Choconut" our little min-dachshund girl. She is only a month and a half and has been with us for one week already. We do not put her in a cage, she roams around the house freely so she is used to us already. She now responds and comes when we call her name.

She is the sweetest thing!