Thursday, March 11, 2010

Old Friend

Was in the mall yesterday havinf Bea's school photo invites developed and while i was in the store looking at digital cameras to choose from i was assisted by a kind gentleman and answered all my queries about the cameras. While we were talking i had a sort of familiarity feeling towards him and when his sales staff addressed him by his first name, boy did i get surprised! I looked at him and finally saw my friend in him ... backtracking 20 years ago! Hahaha! He has changed, he had glasses now, he put on some weight and he looked eally mature (as if i did not age as well. lol!) but anyway i told him who i was and we started talking as if no time had passed. He has three kids, same as mine and we both had two girls and one boy. It was great seeing him after all those years, it really feels good to connect with people from the past, because they play a part of who you were. It was such a great encounter!

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