Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Here's to another great and fun filled school year! Bea finished Grade Five, Sam Grade Three and Vin finshed Kindergarten. It was fruitful year for my three school kids. :)

Recognition 2010

My three kids all participated in this year's Recognition/Graduation day. Vin graduated from kinder and was awarded 2nd honor in his kindergarten class, he also was a conduct awardee and got a medal for being Best in Science. Sam received a medal for being 2nd honor in her class and a gold medal for winning first place in the poster making contest. Bea got a medal for first honor in her class, a medal for third place in a quiz bee, medal for being Best in Language and another one for Best in CLE.

Christian and i took turns going up the stage to present them their medals. We were really so proud of them!

Summer Travel

Vacation really should be spent well ... i have always believed in travelling with the family creates a stronger bond since you get to share so many fun experiences and really build on memories. Since my three kids are still young enough to come with us no questions asked ( hahahah, wait till they get to be teenagers where they will pass on these things ... sob sniff) i make it a point to plan our summer wisely. It would be nice to have a trailer, even if it were used travel trailers to go around places and yet have the homey feeling. I am sure we would be all around viviting different places as soon as vacation begins. Christian will be having a four day holiday this week so we already have a planned vacation ready! I hope i can squeeze in some time for house cleaning before we leave ... fat chance .. hahaha!

I love vacations!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I heart Summer

Summer officially starts!

The kids are having the time playing with their play station till late at night since there is no school the next day ... heaven! hahahah!

Bea's laptop is now close to overheating, so is our Nintendo Wii and gameboy that i get to charge twice in a day. The three kids are really enjoying the summer vacation and come April 19 i enrolled them at McDonald's for some kiddie crew fun. This is actually their fourth year to join the kiddie crew and they don't get tired joining, gives me time to go around the mall for two hours while they are in the store ... more ME time! Tee hee!

I love summer!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



Officially the three kids are awardees for this school year!

Bea bagged First honor in her Grade 5 class, Best in CLE, Best in English/Language and 3rd place winner in their quiz bee!

Sam is 2nd honor in her Grade 3 class and First place winner in the poster making contest!

Vin the first timer is graduating with 3rd Honor in his kindergarten class, Best in Science and Conduct Awardee!

Wow! I am so proud of my kids!

I am one of the lucky moms who have kids that truly love school and getting awards are really just icing on the cake. So proud of all of them!


Did i mention that we are going to have our kitchen renovated?

Yes, we are. After spending hours shopping around for the perfect kitchen tiles, spacious kitchen sinks and double purpose gas range we are going to finally do it. We have scheduled it at the end of ther month when the kids are out of school, so no major cooking has to be done every morning to prepare the school lunches. We all have to sacrifice for this major renovation and have made arrangements with my Mama that we will be staying with them for a few days while it is going on so we do not interfere with the work flow. I can't wait to see the results! Makes me one happy cook in a spacious and modern kitchen! So excited!

So Proud

I was online this morning browsing through www.sleepingpillreviews.net to get information and facts on sleeping pills to help my cousin who has been having difficulty n sleeping through the night when a co-mommy from school told me that all my three kids will be getting awards and that it was announced in school! I can never feel more proud since this is Vin's first time in school and that he fared pretty well for a first timer. I can't beleive the school year passed by ... ten whole months! No wonder my leg muscles are in shape after all the walking to and from school, a definite workout!


I made a very grave mistake!

I highlighted my rebonded and dyed hair ... and it has left the ends brittle and dry. I have been soaking it with hair treatments for three days now but it seems it will not solve the problem. I willhave the ends cut to somehow snip away the damaged ends. I notoced too that there are a lot of falling hair after i take a bath. Sob. Sniff.

I have to do some serious hair loss prevention before it's too late. I am really vain when it comes to my hair so you can just imagine how saddened i am with the outcome of my latest hair quest for highlight.

I promise never to get highlights for my hair again ... i will just let the sun do it naturally.

Summer Bod

Beach time is fast approching and time to shop for new suits for the kids. They grow up really fast, i just bought them new swimsuits last summer but when we tried it on last night they all mysteriously (Haha!) shrank! I have yet to try my suit if it too has magically shrink too. I am thinking of getting a suit that would flatter my widening waist ... hahaha! I thibk Christian has to take muscle supplements to get his summer body in action when we hit the beach. I love the beach more than the pool, love walking on the soft and grainy sand, it gives me an instant foot spa!

I have to start shopping for swimsuits this weekend to get ready!

Quick Fix

The heat is really terrible. The air is humid and it can really leave me parched. My skin has been starting to act up with little breakouts and if a facial cleaning don't solve it i will have to resort to the best acne treatment i can find. Summer is really here and that spells a lot of outings and picnics which means a lot of photo opportunities ... hahaha! I definitely need a quick remedy for this unslightly blemishes before i face the cameras! Tee hee!

Thursday, March 11, 2010



The heat is definitely on!

El NiƱo is really making its presence felt. I love summer ... but this much heat is just too much. In the news there has been warnings for the public against heat stroke.

Let's all be safe and keep ourselves covered :)

School Year Ends

In just a few days, 2009-2010 school year officially ends! Yey! Bea will be grade 6, Sam grade 4 and Vin will start preparatory. As i write this it just dawned on me that by next year (2011) Bea will be moving up to High School .. scary. Scary not because of the lessons she will be encountering but the fact that she is growing up too fast. Before i know it she will be entering College, like a thief in the night time will makes its entrance. I asked Bea what she wants to be ... she has many choice and has not really pegged a specific thing. Luckily, by the time she enters College there will be a lot of new opportunties, even online courses that are already a good choice to go will still improve and have more courses of specializations like health related careers, teaching courses (where Bea is also showing some interest in) and many more. This young generation will be showered with vast choices on where to go ... i always believed that one should follow thier hearst and not where the money is ... you must love what you do to succeed and excel in what ever you do.I trust Bea to make the perfect choice for her when the time comes ... whatever it is we will support her all the way.


My mom has finally decided to quit smoking after more than thirty tears of being a smoker. We advised her tp stop gradually and not just go 'cold turkey' as it might disupt her regular lifestyle and probably her health. We told her to limit her tobacco intake to a few sticks a day first until she makes it to one stick a day then no cigarettes. My brother suggested trying e cigarette which is another way to kick the habit slowly and safely. U have always believed that nothing good comes from thing done in haste, timing is really important, so we are really taking this slow to make sure that it will be an easy transistion to no-tobacco lifestyle.

Old Friend

Was in the mall yesterday havinf Bea's school photo invites developed and while i was in the store looking at digital cameras to choose from i was assisted by a kind gentleman and answered all my queries about the cameras. While we were talking i had a sort of familiarity feeling towards him and when his sales staff addressed him by his first name, boy did i get surprised! I looked at him and finally saw my friend in him ... backtracking 20 years ago! Hahaha! He has changed, he had glasses now, he put on some weight and he looked eally mature (as if i did not age as well. lol!) but anyway i told him who i was and we started talking as if no time had passed. He has three kids, same as mine and we both had two girls and one boy. It was great seeing him after all those years, it really feels good to connect with people from the past, because they play a part of who you were. It was such a great encounter!