Thursday, February 25, 2010

Teary Eyed Again

This is one of the latest soap operas on primetime television. Yup, i am hooked on it, well for as long as i get a chance to watch it, i like watching it. The child actress really is so good! I have yet to remember where i do not cry during the show. John Estrada (the father) has never been a favorite of mine .. but for this soap i like him .. tee hee!

As i write this i am watching it now and yes my eyes are blurred from holding back my tears ... sob sniff. Hahaha!

I have yet to do some searching un the internet to help Christian get the best deal in auto insurance, he really relies me to do this because he knows how i love surfing the net and believe me i get good results! I am a certified online surfer! lol!

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