Thursday, February 18, 2010

Skin Alert

Bea is starting to have little skin breakouts, especially on her forehead, the part where her bangs covers. I am starting to give her liquid cleanser and advised her never to prick or pinch on the little pimplesor we might be stocking on some acne scar cream really soon. I am guilty of squeezing my pimples back when i was younger and now i reap the bad actions ... pockmarks. I really hope Bea gets over the pimply teenage face with less or no marks at all s she can have nice skin when she grows up. Too late for me ... hahaha!

But on the hindsight i am taking care of my skin, as a matter of fact i just had a cleansing facial yesterday afternoon and am trying a new moisturizing face soap, hope all turns out well for both of us.

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