Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busy 2010

It's just a month since the start of 2010 but design jobs have been pouring in, i must count my blessings for all of them. I do not even advertise anymore, most of my clients are referrals, old clients, multiply and some even said that they googled me. I really give my 100% to every client and think of the designs as if they were my own. I do not shortchange anybody, which is why sometimes i have to ask the client if they are willing to wait if i am still working on a tedious project like the coffetable book that takes me weeks to finish. Luckily, they are willing to wait and when i do get to do their projects they are happy with the output.

I love my design biz, something that i know i enjoy doing and i make other people happy with it. Who would think i would end up doing this .... i graduated Hotel and Restaurant Management ... hehehe!

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