Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yes, my skin is on alert!

Now that i am 4-0!

My skin really needs a lot of shaping up, some lines have started to remain permanent .. hahah! I need something to lift them up and somehow find a way to make it supple and firm. I think i need a dose of tretinoin to give my face a quick boost and combat aging. Oooh, aging ... what a scary word! Hahaha! It is really happening, in as much as i want to be in denial, i really have to be in charge of the situation before it is too late and the only thing that will remedy it is a face lift ... uh oh.

I really wish i took more care of my skin when i was younger .. but then again past is past ... i just have to take things seriously now when it comes to my skin regimen from now on ... before it is too late.

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