Thursday, February 25, 2010

Security Check Disable 101

Was helping Sam register in one gaming website when i accidentaly clicked YES too late before realizing it was for installing a Norton Antivirus scan. Uh-oh.

I already have an existing antivirus software installed and the added Norton is slowing my pc. I uninstalled it but it is still running. A few minutes ago it was going to start the scan i pressed "x" but it did not close the window, the only thing that wanted to work was the minimize button but it still continued the scan and was installing updates.

What to do?

I will have to search and find a way to take it out of my computer ... if it takes me to reformat again i will. Sigh.

Sad Tragedy

I was doing my online search for good sam roadside assistance that my friend has been raving about i came across the latest tragic headline: SeaWorld Trainer in Florida dies. I opened the link and read on. I really felt sad for her, she was one of the best and seasoned trainers and the accident happened just a few minutes after the killer whale's show, so you can just imagine the surprise of the spectators during the attack. The report said that Dawn Brancheau was by the side of the pool when the shark went up and bit her from the waist and plunged in the pool. I offered prayers for her and feel really bad for the family she has left behind. This is a real tragedy. :(

Teary Eyed Again

This is one of the latest soap operas on primetime television. Yup, i am hooked on it, well for as long as i get a chance to watch it, i like watching it. The child actress really is so good! I have yet to remember where i do not cry during the show. John Estrada (the father) has never been a favorite of mine .. but for this soap i like him .. tee hee!

As i write this i am watching it now and yes my eyes are blurred from holding back my tears ... sob sniff. Hahaha!

I have yet to do some searching un the internet to help Christian get the best deal in auto insurance, he really relies me to do this because he knows how i love surfing the net and believe me i get good results! I am a certified online surfer! lol!

No School Tomorrow

Vin will not have to go to school tomorrow because we are not joining the school's family day on Saturday and tomorrow the entire day will be spent for practice for dances for the Family Day. Bea and Sam will go to school as there as hours where they will have regular classroom work and some time for practice where they will stay with some of their friends who will not join the family day too. Vin and i will be going to the mall tomorrow as soon as the girls head off to school for some errands and one of these are paying utility bills, looking for discount prescription glasses that i saw the other day and do a little grocery. We wil be back before lunch in time for the girls dismissal around three o' clock in the afternoon. I just love Fridays ... and of course vacations!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Exams Finished

It's a Friday!

I heart Fridays!

An added topping to that is finally kids' exams are finished today ... yey!

Our school just made an announcement that school will end early than was scheduled, am so excited!

The kids have been eyeing summer activities as early as now and the top of the list is joining the McDonalds kiddie crew for the fourth time. Maybe this time Vin will be joining the girls ... more time for me to walk around the mall ... on my own ... yipee!


This is Vin's Science project in school. Two trees showing healthy and junk food that we placed on two trees. The healthy tree is more colorful, the leaves are green and the trunk brown while the junk food tree has withered leaves and a trunk that looks dry.

Will post the pictures of Bea and Sam's project as soon as i finish downloading the pictures from my camera. I also have a few errands to make for Christian like getting our health insurance renewed and our car insurance renewed to before it expires. So many things to do ... but still enough time ... hahaha .. time management skills are needed here.

Online Power

Who says you can't have it all?

Now with the internet available to just about anyone 24/7 it is very easy to conquer just about anything too. Nowadays even if you are staying home or you already have a day job you can still find a reliable and reputable online university that you can go into. There are a lot of online courses that will spark your interest and one of these interesting courses is the growing popularity of online nursing degree that you can really use as there are a lot of opportunities for nurses at this time. I ahve a lot of friends who were able to graduate with their chosen online degree and are doing good. We are really lucky to have many choices at our fingertips and not be bound by anything especially about time constraints, because we have our own time at our disposal. We can do it all!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yes, my skin is on alert!

Now that i am 4-0!

My skin really needs a lot of shaping up, some lines have started to remain permanent .. hahah! I need something to lift them up and somehow find a way to make it supple and firm. I think i need a dose of tretinoin to give my face a quick boost and combat aging. Oooh, aging ... what a scary word! Hahaha! It is really happening, in as much as i want to be in denial, i really have to be in charge of the situation before it is too late and the only thing that will remedy it is a face lift ... uh oh.

I really wish i took more care of my skin when i was younger .. but then again past is past ... i just have to take things seriously now when it comes to my skin regimen from now on ... before it is too late.

Skin Fix

At last was able to have a decent facial last night, i had to make an effort to squeeze it in my very hectic schedule. A lot has happened this few days, some good and some not so good. I will not dwell on the not so good but in a smuch as i want to erase it, i cannot ... it has a major effect on me.

I have been sleeping very late or must i say early morning and my complexion again is taking the beating. I have some dark circles around my eyes and have been reading about iQ derma which was suggested by a friend. I also started a new soap to moisturize my drying skin and a night cream too. I feel refreshed after the facial and hope that my skin will take the road to recovery fast.


My cousin is in the hospital since yesterday for a series of tests, more of just an annual medical check-up and she decided to have some work done on her to ensure that she goes out with a clean bill of health. She had a pap smear and underwent colon cleansing and some routinary blood work to complete the package. Tomorrow she is scheduled to undergo a sleep study, it is an overnight observation of how she sleeps since whe is also having a difficult time sleeping sometimes. She is so stressed with her work that she loses sleep and really tosses and turns literally. Hopefully with the outcome of the sleep study they may be able to diagnose what is wrong with her sleeping pattern.

We are scheduled to have lunch on Saturday, by that time she can tell me the good news if she has finally found a way to sleep soundly.

Skin Alert

Bea is starting to have little skin breakouts, especially on her forehead, the part where her bangs covers. I am starting to give her liquid cleanser and advised her never to prick or pinch on the little pimplesor we might be stocking on some acne scar cream really soon. I am guilty of squeezing my pimples back when i was younger and now i reap the bad actions ... pockmarks. I really hope Bea gets over the pimply teenage face with less or no marks at all s she can have nice skin when she grows up. Too late for me ... hahaha!

But on the hindsight i am taking care of my skin, as a matter of fact i just had a cleansing facial yesterday afternoon and am trying a new moisturizing face soap, hope all turns out well for both of us.

Exams Anew

Yup, just a few blog posts ago it was exam week ... it is again .. time is sooo fast!

I am relieved that this is actually the second to the last round of exams before we hit the the summer break! Yey! As always i meet up with fello mommies during this time to swap not only stories, shopping great finds but even weight loss success stories and you really get to pick up a lot of tried and tested products ... no need to experiment because they are backed up with people you personally know.

Though i dread exam week, with all the reviewing activities, i do look forward to our tete-a tete with parents.

Summer is almost here ... i can almost taste it!


My sister emailed me this picture from her cellphone taken when i was just four months pregnant with Vin. Bea was just around five when this photo was taken, she is turning twelve this month. I don't get really big when i get pregnant, i do not gain too much no matter what i eat, even with my daily intake of milk, dose of
prenatal vitamins and even my midnight cravings. I easily lose the pounds right after i deliver and get back right to my unpregnant form ... i must say i am lucky to have this kind of metabolism .. i am not complaining, hehehe!

But did i mention that i now am gaining weight ... i am no longer a 100 pounder .. yey me!


Our school will be moving next school year to a better and bigger place. I should be happy .. but it will be now far from our house, which means goodbye to walking to school scenario next year. Bea will be raduating from grade school next year and Vin will be graduating from pre-school too, so moving to a different school really is not a good decision now. I will just stick with my school and see what will happen next year. They are now busy moving their things and purchasing office furniture too for the new building. I know there will be more amenities and space with the move but i still can't help but feel a little sad that it will happen. Life goes on ... so melodramatic really ... hahaha!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010



After months of attempts to reformat my computer but had to postpone because of the volume of work, i was able to finally do it yesterday! Congratulations!

I am now busy installing all my programs, updated my firefox and yahoo messenger versions, downloaded virus protection software and so many other things. I am hoping my computer will be up and about before the week end. Feeling optimistic here, Lol!

Busy 2010

It's just a month since the start of 2010 but design jobs have been pouring in, i must count my blessings for all of them. I do not even advertise anymore, most of my clients are referrals, old clients, multiply and some even said that they googled me. I really give my 100% to every client and think of the designs as if they were my own. I do not shortchange anybody, which is why sometimes i have to ask the client if they are willing to wait if i am still working on a tedious project like the coffetable book that takes me weeks to finish. Luckily, they are willing to wait and when i do get to do their projects they are happy with the output.

I love my design biz, something that i know i enjoy doing and i make other people happy with it. Who would think i would end up doing this .... i graduated Hotel and Restaurant Management ... hehehe!