Monday, January 4, 2010

Ondoy Experience

My sister and i were talking about how she felt really sad that she was not able to save any of her kids vcds during the flash flood. Her house was half submerged (the first floor and garage) and all her videos, dvd players were all stacked on the floor. Her office which was a few streets away from their house was hit the hardest ... it was up to the roof. Her people were not able to save anything because her office was locked so everything went under water. Her computers and files did not survive the murky water. She is fortunate though that she was able to acquire a good business insurance at the start, so her loss is not all that bad ... but likewise it was still devastating.

We talked about how fortunate that lateky there has been no talk about a coming storm, not like after Ondoy where weekly there was a new storm or tropical depression threatening to happen.

I hope this year will have less weather disturbances.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

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