Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moving Up

I just love this picture of Bea!

The kids were goofing around with my sister Loren and the shot only caught Bea's happy jump. This picture really mimics Bea's personality fun, active and so carefree. She is already eleven years old but her heart is that of a little girl, naive and trusting. I wish her all the happiness and that no one taints her happy world. She is grade five now and next year she will be graduating from grade school and stepping into the high school arena, where adolescence will finally catch up with her. Sad but she is starting to have small pimples that i ask her to wash religiously with liquid soap, i am actually looking at exposed acne treatment for her if the need arises. I really want to keep her complexion clear and blemish free. The stigma of having teenage pimples can really be devastating for a budding little girl. I will take her skin seriously so she won't have problems in the future.

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