Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bus Riders

I started Bea and Sam to ride the schoolbus in the morning. They take the schoolbus in the afternoon but we decided to let them ride in the morning. They enjoy going to school a full hour and a half early, they have more time for chit chat with their classmates. The effect on it on me though is not something i can just shrug off ... i am not getting enough sleep and for a few times yesterday have started to feel dizzy for short periods of time.

I sleep really late given the nature of my design work (i design more at night when all the kids are asleep) then now i have to wake up earlier to get them ready for the schoolbus. I sleep an average of three to five hours everyday now. I get sleepy during the afternoon but can't sneak a shut eye because i might oversleep and not hear when they come home, plus who will keep an eye on Vin while i doze off.

I have to find ways to sleep early and squeeze in my design work during the day so when night comes i can retire as well.

Time management is really called for now.

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