Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I always say that i have been blessed ... and really i have been.

Blessings for me are not material things, these are things that surpasses economic class, these are things that are sometimes taken for granted but should not, these are things that no amount of money can buy.

I have been blessed with the best family there is. Starting from my parents, siblings and now that i have my own unit ... my husband and my kids. I have nothing else to ask for .. i have been truly blessed.

I was talking a few nights ago with my friend who is in New York who is there on her own while her kids are here, and she is currently on a New York job search to be able to establish herself there and eventually get her kids to be with her. I feel her longing for her kids whenever we talk, that is why it makes me realize more how lucky i am that i have my kids with me all the time. I strongly suggest everyone to hug your kids longer than usual and feel all the blessings just having them with you.

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