Tuesday, January 19, 2010

120 And Counting

I can't believe it!

I was always used to getting on a weighing scale and getting a 105 pounds read out ... boy, did i get the surprise of my life when i accompanied my sister Kathy to the dermatologist last Saturday and got on a scale and got a whopping 120 pounds result. Whoa!

I did not even do anything different .. but i got a 15 pound difference from last year's weight. I do like to gain a little weight to fill me up but i am kind of scared that i put that on without me even knowing it. It really was a shock to me.

I am now looking at my slow metabolism as the main culprit ... i am getting old ... hahahah! Looks like i have to start looking into anti aging product before this too shocks me when i compare recent pictures with ones that were taken just months ago. Looks like i have to keep tabs on myself more.

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