Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bus Riders

I started Bea and Sam to ride the schoolbus in the morning. They take the schoolbus in the afternoon but we decided to let them ride in the morning. They enjoy going to school a full hour and a half early, they have more time for chit chat with their classmates. The effect on it on me though is not something i can just shrug off ... i am not getting enough sleep and for a few times yesterday have started to feel dizzy for short periods of time.

I sleep really late given the nature of my design work (i design more at night when all the kids are asleep) then now i have to wake up earlier to get them ready for the schoolbus. I sleep an average of three to five hours everyday now. I get sleepy during the afternoon but can't sneak a shut eye because i might oversleep and not hear when they come home, plus who will keep an eye on Vin while i doze off.

I have to find ways to sleep early and squeeze in my design work during the day so when night comes i can retire as well.

Time management is really called for now.

Anti-virus Search

I finally pegged a time to get my computer formatted, it is really crying out for help. I have saved all my files and what i am doing now is getting the programs that i have to re-install. One of the things that i will be searching for now is a good and reliable antivirus software. The one i have installed now is slowing down my computer so this is a major requirement, i have to install an anti-virus that will not slow down my computer.

I have read about Vipre Antivirus and how it promises not to slow down loading time once scanning is in progress, and that is very important for me. I have a lot of files to download from emails for my design work and it also guarantees safeguarding my email as well. Vipre stands out to answer to all the impending threats i need even from spyware and malware protection. This is one antivirus that will keep up with the times.


I always say that i have been blessed ... and really i have been.

Blessings for me are not material things, these are things that surpasses economic class, these are things that are sometimes taken for granted but should not, these are things that no amount of money can buy.

I have been blessed with the best family there is. Starting from my parents, siblings and now that i have my own unit ... my husband and my kids. I have nothing else to ask for .. i have been truly blessed.

I was talking a few nights ago with my friend who is in New York who is there on her own while her kids are here, and she is currently on a New York job search to be able to establish herself there and eventually get her kids to be with her. I feel her longing for her kids whenever we talk, that is why it makes me realize more how lucky i am that i have my kids with me all the time. I strongly suggest everyone to hug your kids longer than usual and feel all the blessings just having them with you.


I still can't get over it ... i gained fifteen pounds without doing anything ... i think that kinda explains it "without doing anything" .. hahaha!

No really, i did not try on different mutivitamins or started a different eating pattern, so this really is surprising. The last time i weighed more than 120 lbs when i was pregnant, but of course that is explainable with the added baby in my tummy plus my milk intake, prenatal vitamins and the increased appetite and cravings.

I love the my new weight, i just must find a way to move some of them who have started to settle comfortably in the middle area ... hahaha!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

120 And Counting

I can't believe it!

I was always used to getting on a weighing scale and getting a 105 pounds read out ... boy, did i get the surprise of my life when i accompanied my sister Kathy to the dermatologist last Saturday and got on a scale and got a whopping 120 pounds result. Whoa!

I did not even do anything different .. but i got a 15 pound difference from last year's weight. I do like to gain a little weight to fill me up but i am kind of scared that i put that on without me even knowing it. It really was a shock to me.

I am now looking at my slow metabolism as the main culprit ... i am getting old ... hahahah! Looks like i have to start looking into anti aging product before this too shocks me when i compare recent pictures with ones that were taken just months ago. Looks like i have to keep tabs on myself more.


Finally my cousin is expecting a miracle!

She has been married for six years and have been trying for a baby but could not really get one until ... now ... yey! She found out that she is placed in a very delicate position and she is considered to be having a high risk pregnancy. Her doctor has advised her to complete bed rest and have been given prenatal multivitamin to ensure she gets all the nutrition she needs. She will have to take a leave from her job and enroll in a birth class with her husband for the proper breathing technique. She is so excited and i am doubly excited for her too! We are very close and i know she will be a good mom to her child. I am hoping for the best for her and wish her a safe nine month journey.

Moving Up

I just love this picture of Bea!

The kids were goofing around with my sister Loren and the shot only caught Bea's happy jump. This picture really mimics Bea's personality fun, active and so carefree. She is already eleven years old but her heart is that of a little girl, naive and trusting. I wish her all the happiness and that no one taints her happy world. She is grade five now and next year she will be graduating from grade school and stepping into the high school arena, where adolescence will finally catch up with her. Sad but she is starting to have small pimples that i ask her to wash religiously with liquid soap, i am actually looking at exposed acne treatment for her if the need arises. I really want to keep her complexion clear and blemish free. The stigma of having teenage pimples can really be devastating for a budding little girl. I will take her skin seriously so she won't have problems in the future.

Exams Again

Exam week again for the three kids, that means i have to start reviewing them before Thursday. This is their third quarter final examinations, one last quarter to go and summer break here we come! Tee-hee!

I can still remember Vin's first day in school and how shy and quiet he was. He is still not that talkative but he is no longer shy but participates actively in class. His teacher said he is very self reliant and can do things with little instruction, i really am so proud.

Education is really important and there are a lot of opportunities available even on the internet, you can pick from best online degree even while you are at home. There are a lot of possibilities, all it takes is the initiative to learn, that is why i really make it a point to make going to school fun for them and not think of it as a chore. My kids love school, so there is really no room for me to complain when studying for the tests come along . Bring it on!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We Have Your Back

Since my papa had a stroke we were (mostly my mom) was at his beck and call 24/7. Here is a good picture to show that we are behind him every step of the way .. no matter what. He is able to walk without a can for a few minutes ... he will be walking briskly in no time. God is good.

The kiddies too!

House Arrest

I have to stay home to supervise the replacing of our bathroom floor tiles today. They had to take out the old ones and change all the pipes under to find the leak that is bothering the first floor (our bathrrom is on the second floor). Christian stayed the entire day yesterday when they removed the old tiles and changed the pipes, now that everything is okay, they now have to replace it with new tiles. In as much as i do not want to stay and watch him myself, i have no choice as this is the only free time he has before he heads on to another project .. so in as much as i do not want to hover over the maintenance man ... i have no choice.

I just hope he finishes fast so i can still head out for the mall ... the other downside is we cannot use the bathroom for a few hours to let the new tiles set in.


Secret Wish List

I had a secret wish list .. shhh.

When my sisters, parents and even Christian would ask me if i wanted something i always said i do not need anything. But of course it was a white lie ... i still crave foa a few things .. tee-hee!

Here is a short list (in random order) of the things i secretly wanted:

- a sleek shiny laptop
- a magic sing system
- a Samsung HDTV
- a cool wifi ready cellphone
- gift certificates to restaurants
- a gym training session certificate (if only i had spare time to go to a gym and really workout, i would really want to.)

So there ... my not so secret wish list.

Profile Pic

I finally updated my profile picture in facebook!


I received some favorable responses with this picture (i guess i have a lot of friends .. hahaha!) and they said that i look very youthful ... lol! Of course i am taking it all in .. hahaha! This year i made a silent resolution to tale care more of myself more, especially that we are all aging really fast .. uh-oh. My skin needs a lot of work to keep it really smooth because i really have a need to catch up on my sleep. I am actually reading on alli reviews as well to keep me updated with the best deal on diet pills to keep me fit. Really have be careful especially that health is wealth.

Here's to a more youthful year everyone!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ondoy Experience

My sister and i were talking about how she felt really sad that she was not able to save any of her kids vcds during the flash flood. Her house was half submerged (the first floor and garage) and all her videos, dvd players were all stacked on the floor. Her office which was a few streets away from their house was hit the hardest ... it was up to the roof. Her people were not able to save anything because her office was locked so everything went under water. Her computers and files did not survive the murky water. She is fortunate though that she was able to acquire a good business insurance at the start, so her loss is not all that bad ... but likewise it was still devastating.

We talked about how fortunate that lateky there has been no talk about a coming storm, not like after Ondoy where weekly there was a new storm or tropical depression threatening to happen.

I hope this year will have less weather disturbances.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Keeping In Touch

I just love Christmas!

A great time to connect with relatives near and far ... that is what the yahoo messenger and facebook chat is for! Gone are the days when we wait for Christmas cards and sometimes audio cassettes (my kids would actually look at cassettes in a funny way if they see one now .. hahaha!)

I was chatting with my cousin yesterday and marvelled on how we can easiily connect with each other even if we are miles away, we can even share cooking tips and cleaning techniques without the pressure of having to say goodbye right away because of high toll charges ... hehehe! She even had a chance to let me in on her latest find on getting good extended service plan for their automobiles and great deals for their furniture. I just love catching up on everyday things makes me feel more closer to them even if we are a thousand miles apart.