Friday, December 11, 2009


Finally the two day examinations are done! Yey!

We are finished with the third quarter Mastery Tests and will have Final exams early next year ... more time to study. The kids are now in full swing in the daily practices for their Christmas stage play presentation ... a first for Vin ... i can't help but feel proud to see Vin eagerly mastering the steps with his classmates. I was reluctant for Vin to start school but seeing him enjoy school really makes me happy!

I actually toldmy cousin when we were chatting how thrilled i am to see all my kids be in one school presenation. She on the other hand was having a few problems with her daughter in school which is why they are moving and she was presently looking for cross country moving companies to help her do this smoothly and effectively. I wished her all the luck and know that she can find one and that everything will turn out okay. Things will look up for her ... i know it.

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