Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We Love Papits

Bea, Sam and Vin truly adores their Papits!

They love him so much!

Here are some latest pictures of the kids with papits when we went strolling at Rockwell ... look at their happy faces!

Distant Before, Closer Now

The kids met up with their cousins from Christian's side of the family and they had to be introduced and had a few moments of shy and akward silence. After a while they warmed up especially when Vin was being his funny self so the girls kind of eased up and began talking. They talked about school and of course Facebook games!

Christian's sister just moved back here and is starting to fix their newly bought house and she is thinking of putting a small pond because her kids love Koi fishes, so she is now looking into pond supplies to give her an idea on how much it will cost to have one in their garden. I told her that once it is installed to invite us as my kids love Koi fishes too!


I found something very interesting!

I was searching the internet helping out my cousin on getting information on together rx access when i came across a site where you upload your picture and come out with cool photo effects, i was able to make one with me with Edward Cullen of Twilight fame. Yipee!

I really love it!

I will surely bookmark it for future references, it would also be a great gift for friends and Twilight fanatics like me!

Christmas Decluttering

I just love the holidays!

Especially the time for me and the kids to stay home ... going to school everyday can really be tiring .. hahaha!

Finally, i have time to declutter their room especially to give room for the new toys and things that will come in two days. Dust mites are gathering in some places and i really have to major clean up, would love to have a steam cleaner to help me with this tedious job. I plan to finish cleaning their room and our room in two days .... plus the laundry on the side. Help!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Facebook Family

Have i shared that all of us have our own facebook accounts?

Yup, Vin and i share mine and Bea and Sam have their own and maintain and update during weekends. They love playing Pet Society and now have discovered Petville. Would you believe i even use real money to buy coins for the kids so they can buy some things for their virtual pets. Highway robbery! Hahahha!


Finally the two day examinations are done! Yey!

We are finished with the third quarter Mastery Tests and will have Final exams early next year ... more time to study. The kids are now in full swing in the daily practices for their Christmas stage play presentation ... a first for Vin ... i can't help but feel proud to see Vin eagerly mastering the steps with his classmates. I was reluctant for Vin to start school but seeing him enjoy school really makes me happy!

I actually toldmy cousin when we were chatting how thrilled i am to see all my kids be in one school presenation. She on the other hand was having a few problems with her daughter in school which is why they are moving and she was presently looking for cross country moving companies to help her do this smoothly and effectively. I wished her all the luck and know that she can find one and that everything will turn out okay. Things will look up for her ... i know it.

I Love New Moon

Love it! Love it! Love it!

I am craving for more!

Can't wait for eclips ... hahahha!

The waiting game .. again.

Busy ... Busy

I can't believe how busy i am these past few weeks ... i can hardly breathe. The kid's school schedule is also heavy from their regular assignments to the review of all the subjects for their examinations plus the school practices for their upcoming Christmas play. The start of November has been jampacked and have been losing on precious sleep as well. I surely am looking forward to the Christmas break! What i would give to have a much needed vacation anywhere ... how about in Florida's destin condos ... i can dream can i? Well, have to get back to work .. reality check!