Friday, November 20, 2009

Lost In The City

Last Sunday after the Pacquiao-Cotto fight, Christian and i decided to walk around the Manila area, a very unfamiliar place for both of us. We were heading towards the mall that had a specific shop i wanted, so there we were waling around aimlessly. In a few minutes it started to drizzle and the "lovely" stroll no longer was simple and joyful .. hahaha! I went and asked around for directions to the mall and was directed to different places which triggered Christian to say "Can you please stop asking for directions", huh, Men and directions really do not go hand in hand. I on the other hand like asking for directions, opposites do attract. I love having a handy gps on hand every time, in as much as i want to go exploring i do not want to walk around and find out far from where i have to go and walk again back to where i came from. So anyway to make the long story short we did find the mall eventually and got drenched in the rain as well. But all the same we both enjoyed the H-H-W-W (Holding Hands While Walking) rainy afternoon.

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