Friday, October 30, 2009

Short Semestral Break

Our school break begins today and will go back to school in four days ... so short .... but who am i to complain ...still love the break. I have tons of things to do and one of the major things i have to do is to do house sprucing and major sorting. Following the growing list of duties is my growing laundry basket ... uh-oh. I started hitting the laundry mode this morning to get a head start before the typhoon hits us and ruin my newly washed clothes. So far so good.

To give me a sense of happiness while running the washing machine i had my radio with me who continously played Christmas songs! Yup, Christmas is really coming. I was at the mall the other day and was surrounded with large, colorful and attractive artificial christmas trees decked with all the trimmings! There is no stopping Christmas ... typhoon or no typhoon it is coming .. so let us all be happy with all the blessings we have received all throughout the year!

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