Friday, October 30, 2009

Perfect Faux Hair

Was in the mall last week to look at tile flooring choices for my cousin's kitchen upcoming renovation and spotted this faux ponytail in a nearby accessories store. It was the perfect color with Sam's natural haircolor so i put it on her and took a quick shot. I kept on asking her if she likes it, but she was really shy and kept saying "No Mama, i don't like ..." so i did not buy it. I know that she really wants to grow her hair ... but maybe because the sales person kept on saying that it really looked real on Sam's hair so she said she did not want it because of the attention she was getting. But all the same i took a photo of it and really like it on her ... will ask her again one of these days if she changed her mind about it when we go to the mall again ... never say die ... lol!

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