Thursday, September 10, 2009


In as much as i would like to keep my kids young forever ... heheheh... the inevitable is still going to happen .. wether i like it or not ... hehehe!

Bea is rapidly transforming before my very eyes ... i have a tweener!

What more will validate this reality with a forming pimple (uh-oh), i was really surprised to see under her bangs the coming of teenage curse (over-acting here .. lol!) one small pimple is about to make its entrance. I used to have very bad skin and have tried different kinds of acne treatments when i was in my teenage years. I wish i could shield them from having them, but i guess not. As of this morning i taught Bea how to wash with a mild liquid facial soap to keep her skin squeaky clean and oil free. I hope her skin does not break out like mine did ... it was the pits.

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