Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sam At Nine

My second born Sam celebrates her birthday today ... yey!

I can't believe how time passed so fast ... i just a few years anothe rteenager will blossom before me eyes. I was talking to Christian yesterday and was saying how children nowadays mature faster, must be the fast paced kind of living. Can you imagine they already have their own facebook account (even my little five year old who shares the account with me .. lol!) to play Pet Society, Farmville and Yoville. They are really all computer savvy at a very early age, something that i did not experience when i was their age. They are really into the Pet Society game where they create a pet, make a home for it, buy it cool pet supplies from the many stores they have. Sam even asked for a few items she likes from the stores as birthday gifts to her ... so my paypal account has been very active in this activity ... hehehe!

Happy Birthday Sammie Girl and always remember that we love you very much! (yup, she reads my blog ... tee hee!)

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