Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy As Ever

The kids just finished thier mastery exams in school the other week and are now taking in new lessons in preparation for their final exams this end of the month .. whew. I can hardly breathe from the battery of reviews then here comes another one. I am just lucky that that the three schoolers have no qualms studying ... it's actually just me who is taking the heap ... hahaha... because aside from reviewing them there are still daily assignments, household chores (the laundry seems to be following me everywhere i go!), design projets, facebook updates (hehehe!) gets me really pooped.I am also helping my sister search for online rent to own properties that she can invest on while she is still single so when the time comes she is ready and armed to face married life comfortably ... the financial aspect that is ... lol! I am also helping out my cousin with her online search for industrial supplies for her new business ... i think my staying in front of the computer really has a purpose .. to help get the information they need when they need it .... so that explains why i am busy as a spinning bee!

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