Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Favorite Shirt

Sam's favorite character in Naruto is Ino (who i also do not know) who is not the main character of the show, so finding merchandise like shirts and the like are close to impossible. Here is the design i made for a personalized shirt for my little Naruto fan which we gave on her birthday

Here are the three kiddies ... notice Sam wearing the shirt! We were having a quick snack at McDonalds while we were waiting for Christian who went to the electronics section of the mall and scouted around for the parts he needed for his little project. After an hour we met up again walked around to look at more Naruto items in an Anime store in the vicinity.

Snapping Memories

Sam believe it or not despite the many times she has appeared in magazines is still camera shy. Yup, she is still a very shy girl .. but her shyness does not stop me from snapping away to keep their precious memories alive .. fat chance! I just love taking candid pictures, catches the true emotions for the picture, i upload them on our ever reliable digital frame (one for each child .. hehehe!) and let it play over and over. Christian also has one in his desk in the office to remind him of how lucky he is to have three perfect children who love him with all their heart!

Busy As Ever

The kids just finished thier mastery exams in school the other week and are now taking in new lessons in preparation for their final exams this end of the month .. whew. I can hardly breathe from the battery of reviews then here comes another one. I am just lucky that that the three schoolers have no qualms studying ... it's actually just me who is taking the heap ... hahaha... because aside from reviewing them there are still daily assignments, household chores (the laundry seems to be following me everywhere i go!), design projets, facebook updates (hehehe!) gets me really pooped.I am also helping my sister search for online rent to own properties that she can invest on while she is still single so when the time comes she is ready and armed to face married life comfortably ... the financial aspect that is ... lol! I am also helping out my cousin with her online search for industrial supplies for her new business ... i think my staying in front of the computer really has a purpose .. to help get the information they need when they need it .... so that explains why i am busy as a spinning bee!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sam At Nine

My second born Sam celebrates her birthday today ... yey!

I can't believe how time passed so fast ... i just a few years anothe rteenager will blossom before me eyes. I was talking to Christian yesterday and was saying how children nowadays mature faster, must be the fast paced kind of living. Can you imagine they already have their own facebook account (even my little five year old who shares the account with me .. lol!) to play Pet Society, Farmville and Yoville. They are really all computer savvy at a very early age, something that i did not experience when i was their age. They are really into the Pet Society game where they create a pet, make a home for it, buy it cool pet supplies from the many stores they have. Sam even asked for a few items she likes from the stores as birthday gifts to her ... so my paypal account has been very active in this activity ... hehehe!

Happy Birthday Sammie Girl and always remember that we love you very much! (yup, she reads my blog ... tee hee!)

To My Dismay

I can't believe it ... i really have a major problem here .. and this is something i cannot just shrug my shoulders and go on with my life ... i have to desperately lose belly fat fast! Must be my age ... my slowing metabolism? But the realization of it is very evident ... i have to do something about it .. and fast!

I caught a glimpse of my profile the other day while walking around the mall and was really suprised on how it has comfortably situated itself permanently on my belly ... hahaha!

Sit-ups, jogging, brisk walking ... anything that will remedy this bulging problem i will surely do. I look funny.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Judge Ellen

This just in ... Ellen de Generes is the fourth judge to complete the American Idol panel.

She will join Simon, Randy and Kara (yup, she is still in) during auditions. I wonder what kind of comments she will dish out everytime a classic contestant is before her.

This move can actually make or break her popularity ... she is doing mighty well in the talk show arena ... i wonder how she will fare here.

Something to watch out for.

Travel Secret

Christian is on the lookout for accessories to finally give his "best friend" some cool new stuff. He recently installed a portable dvd and mp3 player to keep him company during the long trek home and to withstand the rush hour madness.

The kids really love the television function because they don't miss out on their favorite show even wjen we are on the road. My favorite time in the car is my time to sleep ... hahaha .. yup, i do try to sneak in a few moments when the car is in motion, gives me a lulling effect ... lol!

Travelling is something my entire family loves, and it always surrounded with songs from three chirpy voices ... lullabies for me!


In as much as i would like to keep my kids young forever ... heheheh... the inevitable is still going to happen .. wether i like it or not ... hehehe!

Bea is rapidly transforming before my very eyes ... i have a tweener!

What more will validate this reality with a forming pimple (uh-oh), i was really surprised to see under her bangs the coming of teenage curse (over-acting here .. lol!) one small pimple is about to make its entrance. I used to have very bad skin and have tried different kinds of acne treatments when i was in my teenage years. I wish i could shield them from having them, but i guess not. As of this morning i taught Bea how to wash with a mild liquid facial soap to keep her skin squeaky clean and oil free. I hope her skin does not break out like mine did ... it was the pits.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Performers All

Here are a few from a hundred of pictures of my three performers moments.

Bea and two other classmates of hers were the opening number .. was so proud of her! She danced so gracefully and it made me realize more on how she is becoming a lady right before my eyes. Sam my shy little girl danced the Pandanggo sa ilaw and a few few more numbers and Vin my Muslim warrior delivered as well. So proud of them!

Three This Time

Guess what?

Linggo ng Wika this year is the most memorable one ever ... why .. because this is the very first year that all my three kids are participants in the program ... hehehe.

Just a few years ago it was only Bea's picture that decked the top of our tv stands in our rooms during these special events but now three happy faces are there to greet me everytime i look at them. It has truly been a good ride having three wonderful children who gives me constant joy and never ceases to make me so proud of all of them. I have so much to thank for really, just seeing them every single day leave me breathless as i hang on to them for as long as i can .. they are growing up too fast!