Monday, August 24, 2009

Little Boy No More

Eversince Vin started schooling i feel he has grown so much. He is no longer my shadow so to speak. He goes around his own ways and i also can do my things without having to bring him along. He actually has spent two days (one day per weekend) at my mom's house for a sleepover (alone!) .... what a breakthrough.

In school he is very well behaved and like what his teacher said he is a dream student .. hahaha!

Another thing is his dentist visit was something else, he was relaxed and did not even twich when his tooth was pulled out much to the amazement of our dentist. I was too in awe at the bravery he exhibited, especially when my cousin and i were talking the other night about implant dentist Plano Texas that they were actually considering for her husband. The dentist trip for me was an ordeal when i was younger ... i guess the times have changed or must i say that the kind of character we intill in our children nowadays are remarkable ... they can actually take on anything head on.

I miss my little boy ... but i really welcome the change ... i am so proud of my children .... they are my treasure .. wish i can just hold onto them longer though.

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