Friday, August 7, 2009

ID Picture

Vin had his first taste of ID picture taking ... hehehehe! Since it was alphabetical he belonged to the first batch, even in this small activity i actually can see him starting to grow up (sob, sniff) and become a true blue school boy. Seeing him stand up on his own holding his name plate and smiling with is teacher really is a milestone for him and start of a lot of new things. I am really melodramatic when it comes to my kids ... especially witht eh coming reality that they are really growing up really fast, i wonder how i will react when i see them when their promenade comes and the Bea and Sam will be wearuuing their pretty gowns and Vin looking handsome in a tuxedo ... sure would be something worth remembering! I can't get over the many firsts of my kids, i vow to document them all so they can see it and show it to their own kids too!

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