Monday, August 24, 2009


This is me as i turn forty!

I have so many blessings in my life and if i were to list it here i would have to make a new blog ... hahaha!

Blessings have always showered me ... just being alive is one proof of the blessing .. a chance to be with my loved ones .. to spend years, months, days, minutes even moments with them leaves me breathless.

Happy to be forty ... blessed all the time.

God is good!

Little Boy No More

Eversince Vin started schooling i feel he has grown so much. He is no longer my shadow so to speak. He goes around his own ways and i also can do my things without having to bring him along. He actually has spent two days (one day per weekend) at my mom's house for a sleepover (alone!) .... what a breakthrough.

In school he is very well behaved and like what his teacher said he is a dream student .. hahaha!

Another thing is his dentist visit was something else, he was relaxed and did not even twich when his tooth was pulled out much to the amazement of our dentist. I was too in awe at the bravery he exhibited, especially when my cousin and i were talking the other night about implant dentist Plano Texas that they were actually considering for her husband. The dentist trip for me was an ordeal when i was younger ... i guess the times have changed or must i say that the kind of character we intill in our children nowadays are remarkable ... they can actually take on anything head on.

I miss my little boy ... but i really welcome the change ... i am so proud of my children .... they are my treasure .. wish i can just hold onto them longer though.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Holiday Today

To mark Ninoy Aquino's death anniversary ... we are on a holiday.

No office ... no banks ... no school ... but then again, we have school today.

Our school announced that the children will be asked to come to school to make use of the "holiday" to practice songs and dances for the upcoming school activity next Friday.

So here i am gettig ready to bring the three kids to school ... on a holiday.

Hurricane Again?

This is a satellite picture of another hurricane named Bill, this was taken last August 19 as it is going through the Pacific Ocean. These catastrophes scare me, it's like there is no way to stop it and no matter what you do it will come and sweep everything in its path. I still remember Hurricane Katrina's wrath and how it left a lot of people homeless and lives were taken with it. There was even an episode on Oprah where they showed many families living in trailers for many months because they had no money to have their houses fixed as it was pre\actically ground zero.

I hope the hurricane, though unstoppable, does not bring havoc to us. Let us all be safe.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Health In Check

My kids celebrated Nutrition week last week and thay had a great time coming up with cheers that shows how one can stay healthy and free of diseases. Here are a few pictures of them with their group (color coded per group) and you can see they are having fun. Their celebration came so timely as i have been seriously looking into health insurance leads to ensure that the kids (Christian and myself included) protected when the time comes when we need it. Getting sick nowadays can really drain not only you but your wallet as well ... it really pays to have a healthy lifestyle.


I was talking to my cousin last weekend and she has been insisting of making a trip to Panama come summer. She said she is sure my kids will have a grand time, that is the biggest requirement for me, and that she knows very well .. hehehe! She said she can let her stay in her house but i said i would not want to inconvinience her and her family and asked her to look for the nice cheap hotels in panama city florida so we will not be a burden to her and we too can move freely. I know how hard it is to have guests in your house making sure they are comfortable and homey as possible .. but my family is the hotel type so staying in one would even be a treat for them especially if the bathroom is equipped with a bathtub ... heheh!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Million Peso Meal

This is an itemized bill from GMA's Le Cirque meal ... thoughts?
$19,866 x P48 = P953,568.00

Amazing Tribute

Letter of Love

I got this from my email friend
A letter of Ninoy Aquino to his daughter Ballsy who was about to celebrate her 18th birthday.

August 18, 1973
Makati, Rizal

Ms. Maria Elena C. Aquino
25 Times St. Quezon City

My dearest Ballsy,
I write you this letter with tears in my eyes and as if steel fingers are
crushing my heart because I wanted so much to be with you as you celebrate
your legal emancipation. Now that you have come of age, my love, a voice
tells me that I am no longer young and suddenly, I feel old.
An old poet gave this advice very long ago "when you are sad, remember the
roses will bloom in December." I want to send you bouquet of roses, big red
roses from my dreamland garden. Unfortunately for the present, my roses are
not in bloom, in fact they have dropped all their petals and only the thorns
are left to keep me company. I do think it is fitting to send you a thicket
of thorns on this memorable day!
I am very proud of you because you have inherited all the best traits of
your mother. You are sensible, responsible, even-tempered and sincere with
the least pretenses and affection which vehemently detest in a woman. I am
sure like your mother, you will possess that rare brand of silent courage
and that combination of fidelity and fortitude that will be the life vest of
your man in the tragic moments of his life.
During my lonely hours of solitary confinement in FortMagsaysay, Laur, Nueva
Ecija last March and April with nothing else to do but pray and daydream,
with only my fond memories to keep me company, I planned a weekend barrio
fiesta for you in Tarlac for your 18th birthday. I fooled myself into
believing that my ordeal would end with the fiscal year. I planned to invite
all your classmates and friends and their families for the weekends.
The schedule called for an early departure by bus from Manila and the first
stop will be Concepcion , where lunch will be served by the pool. And after
lunch, you were to visit the SantaRitaElementary School to distribute
cookies and ice cream to the children of that public school where you were
first enrolled.
I guess sheer nostalgia prompted me to include Santa Rita. We were only
three then: Mommie, you and I. Those were the days of happy memories little
responsibilities, tremendous freedom, a great future ahead and capped by a
fulfillment of love. You are the first fruit of our union, the first proof
of our love and the first seal of our affections.
From Concepcion we were to proceed to Luisita for the barrio fiesta. I
intended to invite a friend who could roast an entire cow succulently.
Swimming, pelota, dancing and eating would have been the order of the day.
Sunday morning was reserved for a trip around the Hacienda and the mill and
maybe golf for some of the parents and later a picnic-lunch on Uncle Tony's
Island . Return to Manila after lunch. I am afraid this will have to remain
as one of the many dreams I had in Laur.
Our future has suddenly become uncertain and our fate unknown. I am even now
beginning to doubt whether I'll ever be able to return to you and the
family. Hence, I would like to ask you these special favors.
Love your mother, whose love for you, you will never be able to match. She
is not the greatest mother in the world, she is your sincerest friend.
Take care of your younger sisters and brother and lavish them with the love
and care I would like to continue giving them but am unable to do so.
Help Noy-noy along and pray hard that he will grow to be a real, responsible
man who in later years will protect you all.
You are the model for your three younger sisters. Your responsibility is
therefore great. Please endeavor to live up to our highest expectations. Be
more tolerant to Pinky, more accessible to Viel, our little genius-princess,
and more charitable to Krissy, our baby doll, and make up for my neglect.
Finally, forgive me, my love, for not having been an ideal, good and
thoughtful father to you all as I pursued public office. I had hopes and
high resolve of making up, but I am afraid my destiny will not oblige.
I seal this letter with a drop of tear and a prayer in my heart, that
somehow, somewhere we shall meet again and I will finally be able to make up
for all my lapses, in the kingdom where justice reigns supreme and love is

I love you,

Friday, August 7, 2009

Must Have

Found this on Ebay (international seller) and am sure Bea would love this! It is a Ben 10 Alien Force jacket! Still thinking if i should order it or have it copied here to save on shipping cost and the risk of it getting lost in the mail.

What do you think?

ID Picture

Vin had his first taste of ID picture taking ... hehehehe! Since it was alphabetical he belonged to the first batch, even in this small activity i actually can see him starting to grow up (sob, sniff) and become a true blue school boy. Seeing him stand up on his own holding his name plate and smiling with is teacher really is a milestone for him and start of a lot of new things. I am really melodramatic when it comes to my kids ... especially witht eh coming reality that they are really growing up really fast, i wonder how i will react when i see them when their promenade comes and the Bea and Sam will be wearuuing their pretty gowns and Vin looking handsome in a tuxedo ... sure would be something worth remembering! I can't get over the many firsts of my kids, i vow to document them all so they can see it and show it to their own kids too!

Window Shopping

When i bring the kids to school and wait around for Vin at dismissal time i have some free time on my hands to while away at the nearby mall. This is actually "me" time for me since i am on my own walking around at my own pace and looking at some things that interest me ... hehehe! This is the rare hours where i can look at some make-up, things for the kitchen, cabinets and even area rugs without thinking that the kids are getting bored with my choice of things to look at. I just love walking around and looking at things that i don't really have time to look at when we are all in the mall together since its usually the fastfood places and ther playground for us.