Friday, July 3, 2009

Weekend Must Activity

Every weekend i make it a point to give my kids some fun time especially after a long week of school. They are the epitome of model students .. i have not heard them complain of waking up early, having to do assignment and other things that i used to complain about when i was small .. i am indeed a lucky momma! That is why i exert effort no matter how busy my weekend gets with deliveries and meetups with my design clients to bring them to places they like to go to.

My kids just love the arcade, especially the Love and Berry trading card game where they have a large collection of cards thay they excitedly keep in their album and when in the house they match the outfits with the shoes and hairstyles. The video games nowadays are really something else if compared to pac man and space invaders during my "olden" times ... heheheh ... no wonder jobs in programming are very in demand today. I know we have not yet reached the peak of the computerized age and more is yet to come ... i am sure it will continue to amaze us!

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