Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday At Last

I can't believe another school week is finished .. whew.

Lately, these last past three days to be exact has been quite draining because Vin has started crying inside the classroom and insists on having me inside the room all the time. He cries silently that if you are not looking at him you won't even know he is crying. It all started when they were given new seating arrangements and then followed by an announcement that parents are no longer allowed to stay in school except in bringing and fetching the children.

My heart goes out to him ...

Now that i will gave my mornings free (in between the bringing and fetching ) i can now help my cousin scout for affordable office furniture that he has been asking me to do for his newly renovated office. He has been scouring the malls but still can't make a decision .. he has yet to find the perfect one ... hehehhe .. that's where i come in.

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