Sunday, July 26, 2009

No Classes

No classes tomorrow, Monday.

The announcement came today, this is to make way for the Iglesia ni Cristo celebration and the SONA (State of the nation address), there will be no classes in Metro Manila.

This is actually good for me because i have a lot of projects to do and this is the perfect time to catch up. I am also on the look out for a good free web directory to get my design website moving. I have a lot of clients who just google me and really it would be strategic marketing if i get my website listed to widen my audience more. I really appreciate the day off tomorrow. Yey!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


When we are at the arcades and the girls go straight to the Love and Berry Game machines i look at Vin and check what he chooses to play. I noted that he did not like the fighting (wrestling, tekken and the like) arcade games and is geared to basketball booths, ball throwing and his favorite bowling. Do i see a future bowler in the offing? I hope so because Christian is in dire need of a bowling partner soon when we girls hit the shopping lanes pretty soon.

Three Is Not A Crowd

These happy smiles are my strength. Yes, when the day is over and fatigue from the activities take a toll on me i catch a glimpse of this latest photo of the three kids on top of the tv stand and somehow lifts all my spirits high again. I am one happy mother as i marvel on h ow the kids have grown to love and respect each other. They have never had a fight that would tutn physical commom to siblings, they have never hurt each other even in anger or frustration. I am very pr oud of my children and hope that they always remain looking out and loving each other forever .

Office Pick-up

I am very lucky that Christian does not mind that i always use his office address for my clients pick up arrangements. Christian brings the stuff (invites, tarpaulin and even standees) everyday and i schedule the pick up during office hours (lunch time includud .. hehehe!) for my weekday pick up and drop off of materials and cds. It is a good thing his office is located strategucally near the train station so it is very accesible, i always tell my clients his office is infront of a mall and beside some very high steel buildings so they would not have a hard time locating it. Weekends are scheduled near a mall so i can take the kids out and still get my work done.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lunch Time

I am in school almost the entire day while i wait for Vin and it is also a chance for me to be with Bea and Sam when they take their lunch. The mommies and i have exchanged a lot of recipes and snack tips ro make it more appetizing for the little ones. Our daily chatter involves just about anything under the sun ... from tackling take home assignement, sibling rivalry, skin treatments, best diet pills, showbiz tidbits and many more ... out hours waiting are spent wisely .. never a dull moment, makes waiting bearable and enjoyable!

Friday, July 3, 2009

I Like

Twilight inspired dolls!

I like!

Like a little girl my eyes sparkled with excitement when i saw Edward, Bella and Jacob dolls, will try and look where this is available, am double excited because a friend of mine is coming here next month so there is still an open option of having her purchase it for me first if it is not available here locally.

I have seen the trailer of New Moon and i really admire Robert's (Edward Cullen ) milk white complexion, i am sure he is using the best acne treatment available to make sure no zit ruin his ice cold complexion. I can't wait for the movie to come out this November (soooo long!) which is why i am starting to read the books again to sustain me until the movie comes in ... lol!

Twilight Fanatic? Me? Hahaha!

Silly Antics

Vin never fails to make me smile with the things he does, he is our clown. I often would hear Bea and Sam burst in laughter in reaction to what Vin said to them. Look at this silly face he made when i asked him to smile for me. I remember when i was still single and in between four years of
banking jobs when i said i wanted to have kids right away as soon as i got married ... my officemates were telling me it was hard work and that maybe i was not cut out to be a full time mom ... well i proved them wrong ... i love every minute of being a full time stay at home mom to three precious angels. I love my job!

Kinder Smile

Vin flashed his smile for a school picture the other day and it made me realize that he truly is a full pledged school boy .. hehehe! I am turning 40 in t wo months and Vin is hust starting the long trek of school years ... i wonder how oldie i would look on his college graduation. Scary! Lol!

I really have to start taking care of myself now, especially that i now have some "me" time when the three kids are in school ... i have to be on the hunt for the best eye cream to preserve (the term!) my youth so when Vin graduates i will still look young and vibrant .. have to really think ahead before it's too late.

Love For Music

My cellphone's battery is drained easily nowadays because the girls use the music player everytime we ride the car. The mp3 song selections are all theirs ranging from High School Musical songs to Miley Cyrus to Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez ... my little tweens are really showing a strong liking to music. I am actually thinking of getting them ipods to give my cellphone a rest .. hahaha! But on the lighter side i just love listening to the three kiddies sing their hearts out all throught out the car trip ... makes travelling fun!

Weekend Must Activity

Every weekend i make it a point to give my kids some fun time especially after a long week of school. They are the epitome of model students .. i have not heard them complain of waking up early, having to do assignment and other things that i used to complain about when i was small .. i am indeed a lucky momma! That is why i exert effort no matter how busy my weekend gets with deliveries and meetups with my design clients to bring them to places they like to go to.

My kids just love the arcade, especially the Love and Berry trading card game where they have a large collection of cards thay they excitedly keep in their album and when in the house they match the outfits with the shoes and hairstyles. The video games nowadays are really something else if compared to pac man and space invaders during my "olden" times ... heheheh ... no wonder jobs in programming are very in demand today. I know we have not yet reached the peak of the computerized age and more is yet to come ... i am sure it will continue to amaze us!

Bella's Ride

Look at this sleek, shiny, red number!

Yup, for Twilight fanatics you sure would like to have an image of the Ferrari Edward gifted Bella in book 3 (if my memory serves me right ... you know senior moment .. haha) and how she cruised around it in town. Imagine her small clumsy frame in that smart interior, such contrast. I wonder how much genuine Ferrari parts cost to maintain such a beauty? It sure would be worth the money if you have a nice ride such as this all the time. Hurray, Edward .. great choice (coming from a true blue twilighter ... hahah!).

Girl's Best Friend

Yes, no need to stress it ... it is indeed a good buddy!

I have always had a penchant for rings this is something i think i inherited from my mom who is really into collecting jewelry. Some girls like clothes, shoes and bags ... not me. I marvel at the beauty of a diamond plus i look at it as an investment in the future, and the fact that i gave two daughters this is something i would like to pass of to them when they grow up. Bling bling really is music to every womans's ears!

Friday At Last

I can't believe another school week is finished .. whew.

Lately, these last past three days to be exact has been quite draining because Vin has started crying inside the classroom and insists on having me inside the room all the time. He cries silently that if you are not looking at him you won't even know he is crying. It all started when they were given new seating arrangements and then followed by an announcement that parents are no longer allowed to stay in school except in bringing and fetching the children.

My heart goes out to him ...

Now that i will gave my mornings free (in between the bringing and fetching ) i can now help my cousin scout for affordable office furniture that he has been asking me to do for his newly renovated office. He has been scouring the malls but still can't make a decision .. he has yet to find the perfect one ... hehehhe .. that's where i come in.