Monday, June 1, 2009

Hospital Week

My papa has spent an entire week at the Stroke ICU the entire week, and boy what a week that was. But today he will be transferred to a regular room till he gets discharged .. it surec was a long week but then again everything went we ll and we are on our way to recovery! His doctors are great and i must say really delivered.

When i get home at night with the updates and terms from his doctires i search the internet and study it and print them out for my siblings so we know exactly what is being done on my papa. I have learned a lot, from detecting a stroke, causes of a stroke, risks, treating strokes, high blood pressure readings, sleep apnea (which my papa has) all the way to colon cleansing and detoxifying. I am very thankful that my papa is doing well and he has always been strong which makes his healing process easier for him.

With poweful prayers and a strong faith ... nothing can go wrong.

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