Monday, June 15, 2009

First Day

Just got home from Bea's first day of school.

As always, Bea is thrilleed to see her classmates and get back to school .. lucky for me!

Later at 10:30 it is Sam and Vin's turn to go as they start a little later ... i know Sam is as excited as Bea while Vin being his first time to go to school ... is still a mystery.

He is very vocal that he does not like to go to school ... yet ... after 100 sleeps he sais .. hahaha!

Starting today till next year i have my mornings cut out for me ... hope all turns out well for Vin's first time school experience ... fingers crossed.

When i get back later i have to help my sister in looking for patio furniture covers for their vacation house that they will have to leave for a while since school starts. Being the nnet savvy that i am (hehehe!) she is looking up to me to get her the best deal in terms of quality and price ... what a challenge!

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