Monday, June 1, 2009

Crystal Clear

My cellphone has been tremendous help for our family this past week, it is our lifeline to getting all the informtion we need especially with the updates of my papa's condition and test results. I actually am subscribed to unlimited texting service all day since i text close to a hundred sms everyday. The updates and readings on the ICU's monitor is reglurly sent to keep us all aware of my papa's vitals. I usually just send the numbers (readings) and they already know the status of papa even without words. My sister Loren takes the night shift in the hospital and when i wake up in the morning i get to read around 15 text messages from her with all the night updates. We are so lucky to have great connection in the hospital in all our four communications networks that we are currently subscribed to (Globe, Smart, Sun and Pldt Wireless). I am sure since our hospital is located in Makati City (center of businesses) we are well supported with state of the art cell tower around the area to get the crystal clear uninterrupted connection we are taking advantage of. I am no techie and i don't need a hgh tech cellphone ... just a clear line to my family.

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