Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Week

It's Friday .. another week has passed since my papa was admitted to the hospital. To date we have been there close to two weeks now ... but looking at the bright side my papa is getting better and is on his way to recovery. I will have to admit it won't be easy. But i believe He will help us every step of the way like He always does.

I have acquired a lot of new knowledge now abut medical terms after having daily conservations with his doctors plus my own researches on the net. I do not only stop on stroke topics but with other ailments as well like the swine flu A(h1n1), pneumonia. It is good to be informed and that is what i am doing and printing out my findings so i can share it with my siblings and sometimes read it aloud for my papa.

I know it won't be long we will be going home soon.

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