Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First School Smiles

All smiles as Vin starts to go to school ... starting at Kindergarten ... we still have a long way to go ... i don't mind as long as he retains those chinky-eyed grins all thtough out!

Monday, June 15, 2009


After almost a week being down with the flu (not h1n1 .. whew) i am finally back!

It really was hard being sick especially when i had tons of things to do. I w ould get up do a few chores and lie down again .. it was horrible.

Will post again later after i take the kids to school how i made an emergency call to Christian last friday at his work and asked him to come home right away.

What a scare.

Will prepare Sam and Vin for school first ... back in a bit.

First Day

Just got home from Bea's first day of school.

As always, Bea is thrilleed to see her classmates and get back to school .. lucky for me!

Later at 10:30 it is Sam and Vin's turn to go as they start a little later ... i know Sam is as excited as Bea while Vin being his first time to go to school ... is still a mystery.

He is very vocal that he does not like to go to school ... yet ... after 100 sleeps he sais .. hahaha!

Starting today till next year i have my mornings cut out for me ... hope all turns out well for Vin's first time school experience ... fingers crossed.

When i get back later i have to help my sister in looking for patio furniture covers for their vacation house that they will have to leave for a while since school starts. Being the nnet savvy that i am (hehehe!) she is looking up to me to get her the best deal in terms of quality and price ... what a challenge!

Command Attention

American Idol Adam Lambert really knows how to work it!

I have yet to see a picture of him where he has not magnetized the pose .. he can really command attention. I won't be surprised to see a lot of edorsements coming his way and deliver results. He can actually be saying "I got my life insurance from Wholesale Insurance" and still look convincing! He has the magnet appeal and you can see that he exerts effort to look good and he does. Even if he did not bag the American Idol 2009 title i am sure he will go a long way and reach his dreams in no time ... he knows his game!

Birthday Alert

Wonder what this yellow and black thing is?

It's a Kettlebell!

This is something i am looking at for Christian's birthday present next month ... i always have a hard time thinking of presents for him .. but this one i am sure he wil like and benefit from .. why because this little thing will actually sculpt his body and give him the muscles and toning that he has been wanting to ... yey!

I can't wait to get it and finally see the results ... vested interest ... nope just hitting two birds with one stone .. a birthday present solved and a good looking body.

Sick Phone

My dependable phone is sick.

It has been a week that i cannot take any voice calls ... my thumbs are flat from all the texting in absence of the voice call .. sob, sniff.

I get an incoming call, i answer it, i hear the caller .. but the caller can't hear me.

I had it checked yesterday in the mall where you can have the cellphones fixed even with no signal, led changing, unlocked phone, upload games and other things with the hope that they can fix it. The technician said the microphone is still working but the ribbon (whatever that was) is the one he thinks needs to be replaced but he is still not sure. I will have to look around first because he gave me a quote for the "ribbon" which i find high .. will scout around first and get a second opinon and a better deal.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Memory Hunt

At last was able to convince my sister to get a bigger capacity flash memory for her camera .. finally she listens .. hahaha! Her memory stick always get full and she gets panicky that she might not have enough space for her precious "moments" whenever she has not been near a computer to upload and empty her card. So now i am helping her find the best one that will suit her needs and i mean "needs" ... lol!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Edward's Side

Have you ever wondered whats on his mind?

We all know what Bella has been thinking of .. but what about Edward?

How did he feel when he first heard of Bella?

Now you can!

Well, actually it's not the complete book one, but it will do!

Stepehenie Meyer wrote "Midnight Sun", the exact events if Twilight but this time from Edward's point of view ... but un fortunately before she finished the book it had somehow leaked through the internet ... so she was dismayed to finish it.

Here is where you can read it in pdf format ... it is not printable but it is downloadable ... good enough for me.

Read it and swoon again!

Leak Woes

Our landlord texted me a few minutes ago and was asking permission to have a look of our kitchen drainage tomorrow. Our neighbor under us (we occupy the second and third floor of the building) has been complaining of leaks that they feel are coming from the pipes or sink of our kitchen. We will be leaving tomorrow so i told her that we will have to reshedule for Sunday or early next week. My thoughts have been playing on me and wonder if there was a way to ask them to replace it with zero radius sinks ... hehehhe! I can dream can't i? lol!

Twilight Rules

Winner list of 2009 MTV Movie Awards:
  • Best Movie: "Twilight"

  • Best Female Performance: Kristen Stewart, "Twilight"

  • Breakthrough Performance Male: Robert Pattinson, "Twilight"

  • Best Fight: Robert Pattinson vs. Cam Gigandet, "Twilight"

  • Best Kiss: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, "Twilight"

I wonder how New Moon will fare next year?


Tried And Tested

A good friend of mine owns a travelling agency and is doing good with her chosen business, though we both graduated with Hotel an d Restaurant Management .. just shows when you love what you do everything will just fall into place. I was asking her if she was having a hard time booking flights for her clients and she con fided that she has several favorite airlines among the rest. She also shared her realiable site for great vacation rentals that are fuss free and easy to book online, these are one of her secrets why she has no problems keeping her clients satisfied and happy. She really goes beyond duty to make sure all travel plans of her clients are well planned to ensure a happy experience with her. I am so proud of what she has become, a fulfilled person who likes what she does.


It is so sad.

David Carradine passed away at 72.

He was currently filming a movie in Bangkok when he was discovered lifeless in his hotel room.

He has a wife and two children.


He will be missed.


My sisters and i were talking about the times we were still young (that was way too long ago ... lol!) and was thinking of the people who were famous during our times. There was the Starsky and Hutch, Shaun Cassidy, Donnie and Marie Osmond, Christopher Reeves, Erik Estrada and Evel Knievel.

We started talking lengthily anout the iconic daredevil of the motorcycle, Evel Knievel. He really was awesome, it's a pity my kids have not seen how amazed we were with h is stunts. I personally do not favor riding a motorcycle, find it too dangerous because you have no body protection when you get into accidents. I actually rode a motorcycle once when i was in my teens .. and boy, was it terrifying. It is good to know according to my sister that there are good Oakland motorcycle accident lawyer available today ... that would be a great help for the defenseless yet adventurous rider.

Another Week

It's Friday .. another week has passed since my papa was admitted to the hospital. To date we have been there close to two weeks now ... but looking at the bright side my papa is getting better and is on his way to recovery. I will have to admit it won't be easy. But i believe He will help us every step of the way like He always does.

I have acquired a lot of new knowledge now abut medical terms after having daily conservations with his doctors plus my own researches on the net. I do not only stop on stroke topics but with other ailments as well like the swine flu A(h1n1), pneumonia. It is good to be informed and that is what i am doing and printing out my findings so i can share it with my siblings and sometimes read it aloud for my papa.

I know it won't be long we will be going home soon.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Is It November Yet

Finally, an official trailer for New Moon is out ... i can't wait! Seeing the scenes acted out really made my book reading come to life ... i can't wait .. is it November yet?

Versatile Piece

Was browsing through the internet for light fixtures and this piece caught my eye! This sure wuld light up a room and not feel the heat of the light above since it is coupled with a ceiling fan ... smart and pretty! This would be perfect for a large dining area or sitting room and would surely brin g some class to any area in the house. I love looking aroun d for nice things for the house, makes me drool over the endless choices!


In the hospital during my shift i was talking to some people there who we have gotten to be acquainted with since we would always see each other when we visit. They were there to take care of their mother who has cancer and we talked lengthily about it. They told their Mom developed a different kind of cancer called mesothelioma, it was a rare kind of cancer that you can acquire from being exposed to asbestos, either you inhale it or take it orally in your body. They said their mom worked in a factory in the States and came home a few month ago. I began searching the internet about it and made some print outs and gave it to them. But the nice thing about them is that they never lose kope and were always optimistic .. just like us. We believe we will not be burdened with things we cannot handle ... He will provide.

Twelve Years

Christian and i just celebrated out twelve years of marriage ... has it been that long? Seemed like yesterday ... i still remember my wedding day with clarity ... hahahah!

We have been blessed wth three wonderful children whom i have the privilege to see grow up right in front of my eyes since i never worked outside our home and concentrated on being a full time mom.

Just a few years ago we were just talking about diapers .. and now it would soon be about parties, boys (uh-oh, not ready for that yet), soirees, and acne treatment trendy clothes with matching colorful accessories!

Time really flies!

Crystal Clear

My cellphone has been tremendous help for our family this past week, it is our lifeline to getting all the informtion we need especially with the updates of my papa's condition and test results. I actually am subscribed to unlimited texting service all day since i text close to a hundred sms everyday. The updates and readings on the ICU's monitor is reglurly sent to keep us all aware of my papa's vitals. I usually just send the numbers (readings) and they already know the status of papa even without words. My sister Loren takes the night shift in the hospital and when i wake up in the morning i get to read around 15 text messages from her with all the night updates. We are so lucky to have great connection in the hospital in all our four communications networks that we are currently subscribed to (Globe, Smart, Sun and Pldt Wireless). I am sure since our hospital is located in Makati City (center of businesses) we are well supported with state of the art cell tower around the area to get the crystal clear uninterrupted connection we are taking advantage of. I am no techie and i don't need a hgh tech cellphone ... just a clear line to my family.

Hospital Week

My papa has spent an entire week at the Stroke ICU the entire week, and boy what a week that was. But today he will be transferred to a regular room till he gets discharged .. it surec was a long week but then again everything went we ll and we are on our way to recovery! His doctors are great and i must say really delivered.

When i get home at night with the updates and terms from his doctires i search the internet and study it and print them out for my siblings so we know exactly what is being done on my papa. I have learned a lot, from detecting a stroke, causes of a stroke, risks, treating strokes, high blood pressure readings, sleep apnea (which my papa has) all the way to colon cleansing and detoxifying. I am very thankful that my papa is doing well and he has always been strong which makes his healing process easier for him.

With poweful prayers and a strong faith ... nothing can go wrong.