Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This Is It

In less than 3 months i will be turning 40!

When i was younger i worshipped the sun and always ended up with a red hot burn ( never a tan!) that would torment m e for a few days then i was back to my fair skinned complexion which i often called my bond paper color. I tried applying differen t kinds of tanning oil, baby oil, suntan lotion, beer even siftdrinks to achieve the golden sun look ... and now that i am getting older i am reaching for the highest SPF protection before i hit the beach ...hahaha!

From all the skin damage my skin endured before i am now fast tracking it with age defying wrinkle cream to help the aid in my growing old years and that i do not crinkle like a raisin before it's too late. I have to admit i have been bad to my skin ... but hopefully i can defy time if i become good now ... it's never too late to be good.

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