Thursday, May 28, 2009

Third Time Around

McDonalds Kiddie Crew 2009 this time!

Bea and Sam joined for the third time and looking at the pictures you can see how they enjoyed every minute of it. They had a lot of activities and made new friends! This is one summer activity both my girls look forward to ... next year Vin would be joining them .. an d that leaves me walking alone in the mall while i wait for them. :p

Supplies Galore

Christian is helping out his cousin with the canvassing of construction materials for their new factory that hopefully will be operational by next year. I can never understand the names of the bolts and whathaveyous but i was lucky enough to find them a great place for industrial equipment supplies at a very low cost and complete up to the last sought after hard to find material they need. I really love the internet and what possibilities it can give you most especially when you need it most.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Smiles

Had dinner out last night and Sam was playing with the camera phone and despite the bad lighting she was able to get these shots from Bea and Vin who willingly obliged for a tight shot. I have so many blessings in my life ... i have such happy children!

Smiles that warms my heart!

Fit Is It

I have been pondering on the state of my body .. hahaha!

I really have a problem area and believe me when i say IT IS a problem ... teehee!

My hours in front of the computer especially after meals is the culprit! I know that is the time my food just stays in my middle area for the longest time and i guess they kinda liked it there and they remained .. hehehe!

I cannot just ignore it now that my metabolism is slowing down .. comes with my age ... lol!

I have been looking at different pills to help me but of course it all depends on the diet pill reviews first before i make my choice. I am very vigilant when it comes to things that i put inside my body. It pays to be sure!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This Is It

In less than 3 months i will be turning 40!

When i was younger i worshipped the sun and always ended up with a red hot burn ( never a tan!) that would torment m e for a few days then i was back to my fair skinned complexion which i often called my bond paper color. I tried applying differen t kinds of tanning oil, baby oil, suntan lotion, beer even siftdrinks to achieve the golden sun look ... and now that i am getting older i am reaching for the highest SPF protection before i hit the beach ...hahaha!

From all the skin damage my skin endured before i am now fast tracking it with age defying wrinkle cream to help the aid in my growing old years and that i do not crinkle like a raisin before it's too late. I have to admit i have been bad to my skin ... but hopefully i can defy time if i become good now ... it's never too late to be good.

Sweet Creations

Bea and Sam joined the very first Krispy Creme Chocolate Chef Summer Certificate Course at Bonifacio High last Friday.. and boy did they have fun! Here are some pictures showing my two precious girls enjoying the deciraig activity with their teacher Master Baker Vicky Velososo-Barrera who was very nice to my girls.

They both want to join again ... hehehe!

I just finished their donuts creations the other day ... they brought home so much dougnhuts to last me for the summer .. lol!

I am glad they were able to experience this sweet activity!