Saturday, April 18, 2009

Seafood Fare

One of my favorite things to do more than shop is ... dine!

Here are a few pics when my sister Kats and i went to Dampa and ordered take out for a yummy dinner. The kids was busy playing with their cousins so instead of dining here we opted to do the marketing and have it cooked there then take them to go. I actually enjoyed eating more since i could freely use my hands when i devour the crab's claws ...yum!

With all the eating activities that i enjoy am so glad that the only part of my body that shows "my favorite past time" is the my center of gravity ... my tummy ... teehee!

A few hours of sit-ups in a week will hopefully fix it, but then again if it still does not i have been reading on some promising liporexall review if all else fails ... i simply cannot have a back-up plan on hand. It pays to be a former girl scout ... always ready for anything!

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