Saturday, April 18, 2009

FB Experience

Finally, was able to coax Christian to give Facebook a try. I really am amazed how i as able to connect with my pre-school(yup, went that!), gradeschool, highschool and college classmates through fb. Can you imagine i even had friend requests from childhood playmates? Hahaha! It was truly a blast from the past experience .. and is still happening as i still get requests from long time-lost friends. Was never a fan of friendster, though i did try it for a while, but gave it up after a few months ... but looks lke FB is here to stay for me ... for now ... hehehe!

So, anyway one night as i was browsing through FB i asked Christian to sit with me and try to look around, he got surprised to see his sisters and cousins on FB and had a fun time looking at their pictures. So i asked him if he wanted me to make him an account so he could "connect" with them .. he said "Uh no thanks, can we just add them through yours, anyway won't have to time to check on it..." Duh! So there, we sent a few friend requests to his long lost relatives and i let him do the typing ... tee-hee!

Since i want him to have his account i asked him to search the names of his classmates ... and the result after around eight names on the search box .... negative! Hahahha! His friends were not on FB and he said "Maybe they are still on friendster ...." so there, my reason to open his own acocunt went pfffttt.

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