Saturday, April 18, 2009

Excessive Chatting

Lately, i have been experiencing some pain on my left hand (fingers going up to my wrist) and i think this is due to overusing my yahoo messenger chat service. Yes, i chat at the speed of light and have found the ym chat line the best way to communicate with my clients (especially overseas) since i get to ask them the certain specs and get answers right away. I even can make the layouts while we chat, send then the layouts and get the feedback in real time. This is one great tool for me in communicating with my clients. I sometimes have five simulataneous chats windows open and i actively talk them .... so that explains the cause of the pain of my overused hands.

My chatting activity is another way of getting information that i need and i do get the favorable results all the time. Like the other time i was looking for good deals for San Diego hotel and my chatmate was able to give me recommendations and links to go to in a few key stokes i was there! So even if my hand is hurting i will never give up chatting, will just lessen it a bit .. maybe have a limit of two chat windows at one time. I love my ym!

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