Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rainy Summer

I don't know what to feel about the sudden and continous days of rain that somehow taints the summer fun. I enjoy the cool air (though it can appear sticky after a while) but i am looking forward to serious summer outdoor activities too .... so what to do?

Bea and Sam has been questioning me why it is raining (complete with thunderbolts at times) when they are on a "summer" break. After all the hype of the coming of summer ... the rain makes a fastbreak.

The beach has to wait for us!

Online Alternative

I love shopping online!

This one passion that just discovered recently (well, okay a few years back ... lol!) and i thrive on getting the best deal all the time. Now that the internet offers various places to do fulfill my passion for a good buy it makes my online shopping easier and fool proof. One of the great good site i go to is Circuit City, but now that they have closed their doors i am open to other alternatives and am happy with the results. Makes me realize that it really is true that when a door closes a bigger and wider window opens up for you .... shop till you drop!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

On Sale

Came from the ongoing three day sale at SM Bicutan last night, we practically stayed till closing time, 11:00pm. I got the girls a lot of nice leggings and tops, bought a queen sized sofa bed (yey!) and some other things. I wanted to buy Vin new hot wheels sandals but his size was not available. sob. sniff.

The sale is on till Sunday ... more stocks will be coming in (the sales person promised ... gullible me!) so i will definitely go back tomorrow!

Wreckless Barbie

So Barbie is celebrating her 50th birthday this year! Waaahoo!

I really love Barbie! My sister and i would be thrilled every time our papa would come home from the US with a Barbie doll! I remember we were one of the first ones who has a Suntan Barbie, a doll that would tan when left in the sun ... cool!

I have such fond memories of Barbie playing time. Imagine my surprise when i saw this picture of Barbie ... hahaha!

On the net, with a McD fries on the side ... heaven! I am sure she was on the net looking for the latest in herbal appetite suppressant to bring her back to her true svelte form. Happy 50th Barbie! You rock!

Excessive Chatting

Lately, i have been experiencing some pain on my left hand (fingers going up to my wrist) and i think this is due to overusing my yahoo messenger chat service. Yes, i chat at the speed of light and have found the ym chat line the best way to communicate with my clients (especially overseas) since i get to ask them the certain specs and get answers right away. I even can make the layouts while we chat, send then the layouts and get the feedback in real time. This is one great tool for me in communicating with my clients. I sometimes have five simulataneous chats windows open and i actively talk them .... so that explains the cause of the pain of my overused hands.

My chatting activity is another way of getting information that i need and i do get the favorable results all the time. Like the other time i was looking for good deals for San Diego hotel and my chatmate was able to give me recommendations and links to go to in a few key stokes i was there! So even if my hand is hurting i will never give up chatting, will just lessen it a bit .. maybe have a limit of two chat windows at one time. I love my ym!

FB Experience

Finally, was able to coax Christian to give Facebook a try. I really am amazed how i as able to connect with my pre-school(yup, went that!), gradeschool, highschool and college classmates through fb. Can you imagine i even had friend requests from childhood playmates? Hahaha! It was truly a blast from the past experience .. and is still happening as i still get requests from long time-lost friends. Was never a fan of friendster, though i did try it for a while, but gave it up after a few months ... but looks lke FB is here to stay for me ... for now ... hehehe!

So, anyway one night as i was browsing through FB i asked Christian to sit with me and try to look around, he got surprised to see his sisters and cousins on FB and had a fun time looking at their pictures. So i asked him if he wanted me to make him an account so he could "connect" with them .. he said "Uh no thanks, can we just add them through yours, anyway won't have to time to check on it..." Duh! So there, we sent a few friend requests to his long lost relatives and i let him do the typing ... tee-hee!

Since i want him to have his account i asked him to search the names of his classmates ... and the result after around eight names on the search box .... negative! Hahahha! His friends were not on FB and he said "Maybe they are still on friendster ...." so there, my reason to open his own acocunt went pfffttt.

Seafood Fare

One of my favorite things to do more than shop is ... dine!

Here are a few pics when my sister Kats and i went to Dampa and ordered take out for a yummy dinner. The kids was busy playing with their cousins so instead of dining here we opted to do the marketing and have it cooked there then take them to go. I actually enjoyed eating more since i could freely use my hands when i devour the crab's claws ...yum!

With all the eating activities that i enjoy am so glad that the only part of my body that shows "my favorite past time" is the my center of gravity ... my tummy ... teehee!

A few hours of sit-ups in a week will hopefully fix it, but then again if it still does not i have been reading on some promising liporexall review if all else fails ... i simply cannot have a back-up plan on hand. It pays to be a former girl scout ... always ready for anything!

Gift List Up


This is one of the must haves on my wish list! Yep, the birthday is coming up (mid year but you know better to plan ahead) and the husband has been asking for feelers ... so am really making him feel it! hahahah!

I have always been harboring a strong liking to heart shaped pieces and this heart pendant jewelry is perfect! It's so simple, no frills .. but says a lot! Yes, this sure will have a special spot on the list ... which by the way i am editing to make sure i get what i really want ... hehehe!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Staying Home

Looks like there are still no concrete plans for the long vacation ... looks like we are staying home. I welcome the thought! I love staying home ... especially that i have a lot of things to fix ... summer cleaning is what i am looking forward to.

I have a few more design work to do over the break and i can turn to the pile of toys i have and finally sort them and give some away. I have been meaning to do it but have not a single chance to do it .. now is the chance!

But of course there is still a possibility of an impromptu trip somehere after Good Friday. We will be going to my parents house tomorrow though .. so no cleaning yet .. hopefully Friday i can do it.


This is my latest good buy that were on sale last week! I really have to save a little and get only the things i know the kids will enjoy and at the same time educational ... hitting two birds with one sale! I was able to get them a Leap Frog Learning System and four interactive books that they will use with it. One of the books help them with math (counting money), reading comprehension and there are also fun games and vocabulary improvement. I am so happy with this one! Am still on the look out for more Leap Frog items that will be on sale!

By the way, almost all the malls will be on sale mode on April 15 .. see you there!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Laying Off Coke

I have to admit ... i am a Coke addict.

I hardly drink water ... and can consume a 1.5 liter of Coke in one day easily .. and often time reach out for a secong bottle when the i have a long night.

I have been drinking Coke for as long as i can remember ... i don't drink coffee, not tea (hot or iced), rarely drink juice, no to sports drinks ... milk when i was pregnant ... but have always been loyal to Coke.

This is really a major decision for me to cut down (wish i could just quit cold turkey) my Coke and try to drink water .... gasp!

I have been having bouts of stomach pains whejn night comes in and the only thing i can think of is my downing liter of coke everyday ... so there. I will try and hopefully be weaned out of Coke .. it's nort going to be easy i know.

Tummy Area

Summer is here and i have yet to attain the figure i planned on getting when the year started .. so much for new year's resolution. Lol!

My problem really is focused in the stomach area, i just wish it just be flat one magical day when i wake up from a nice refreshing sleep .. hahaha!

My weight overall is considered underweight if you check it in reference to my height .. but my middle part is really so out of place. I am not one to go on a crash diet because as the word implies "crash" .. don't want my body to do just that.

I am actually looking into safe diet pills that can help me a bit to attain my perfect figure ... slowly but surely.