Saturday, March 21, 2009

Till Next School Year

Bea and Sam had their recognition day last Friday, Christian took a leave so he could be with us ... needed another pair of hands to man the camera .. hahaha! But really, i appreciate it that he makes an effort to be with the kids during special milestones like these. He is truly a hands on father and i know these are things that money cannot buy .. so having said this my kids are truly wealthy!

Here are a few pictures of them opening the micro babies ... gave the dog tags earlier, and the other gift (Pixerl Chix) i opt to give at home so they can be more relaxed. Look at the last picture where three heads are hovering over it .. hehehe!

So glad that they liked it all!

I wonder what i will be giving them next year .. it will be times three then as Vin will start school this coming school year.

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