Saturday, March 21, 2009

One Of A Kind Finds

Everytime school finishes i make it a point to give the girls gifts ... for being good students, waking up everyday with no complaints, helping me in the morning when i prepare them for school, and doing their homework diligently and just by simply having good attitudes towards school is the reason why i give them gifts. I am just fortunate that they bring home awards too, but really they are just icing on the cake .. was never too big on pressuring them to get awards and medals, it just comes naturally because they love school.

Took a picture of my recent find on Ebay :)

I actually lost sleep making sure i don't get outbid for these cute little babies ... what is so special about them? They are interactive! I know the girls will love them!

They do 10 things like blink their eyes, sing, dance, sing a lullaby before they sleep, crawl and even ask for milk and say "Hi momma!" when you say "Hi Baby!" I am sure they will love it ... i love it! I am very excited to give it to them .. they have not seen anythig like this!

I also got them High School Musical dog tag necklaces with a mirror at the back. Sharpay for Bea and Gabriella for Sammie .. both their favorites.

I saw these micro babies while i was searching the net for xbox 360 that i am thinking of buying to add to their summer activities now that school is out.

I also got the girls (but this one they will share on one first) a Pixel Chix interactive house, this they have seen in malls but have not tried yet, but is nice and interesting.

I hope they like the things i got them especially that they came home last week telling me that they both have awards and will be attending the recognition rites! Cngratulations to my little achievers!

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